One Single Impression: Wanderlust

My world is flat.
There is a horizon,
And that is the end.

You go beyond that point
And you fall off.

Nobody claims you.

Having fallen,
You find a way
To swing a leg over
And climb back into the deep
And swim your way home

Where the sand is soft and deep
And full of creatures who understand
Flat earth
And how to live
As if their center

Were the center

Of the universe

Because it is

You will be welcome.

I will make of you a legend
Because you had the courage
To test the limits

That are immutably there.

You had to go.
I had to stay.

Everything is as it should be.
We do what we have to do.

One Single Impression


  1. I enjoyed that. Made me think of "Where the wild things are" :)

  2. Amen Sister. We do the things we have too even if it pushes us over the edge.

  3. And thank God we have the sense to climb back up and try again.

    Thanks for coming by my new blog before I could invite you personally! I don't know if I will blog daily yet but one day.

  4. I think we do have to fall off the edge sometimes to climb back on. It does take courage, tests our limits, and makes us who we are. We filter these experiences in our lives within our memories, and hope to be more. Thought provoking for me.

  5. It is true we all have our thing to do and while it is wonderful to do it with is also wonderful to knoe we can do our own thing without anyone.

  6. i loved it Sandy!

    its wonderful!!

    happy new year!


  7. I'm still thinking on this one.

    There's a bittersweet kind of resonance in it for me. And once again, I feel like you've peeked behind my curtain. That's a little jarring, and at the same time oddly comforting.

    Because someone gets it.

  8. Mmmm...Sandy, lovely work. The boundaries that you painted with form and words were great.

    Hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas. xx, JP/deb

  9. Wonderful poem, Sandy. I enjoy it.
    I think it does exist a real, wider world, for us now indescribable.

  10. getting up everytime we fall is a positive sign that we try our best to struggle from life's ups and down...

    nice one here Sandy, i love it!

  11. A great positive message.

  12. ..know what _

    this is prosaic -

    and not lyrical -

    yet i hear a song _

    many thanks

    & to u & yours A Happy 2010 ! ..

  13. Another beauty, Sandy. From my plain slip, your world appears anything but flat.
    May your year be filled with reflections of light, laughter and friendship.

  14. There's nothing wrong with a flat earth, I think! :) Yes, we do what we have to do. Nice roll!

  15. There's a sadness here, but also a realness and a strength. Just lovely, as always...

  16. I like it! I was right there, all the way, with your writer. It was an exciting trip for me. [The end wasn't the end because there was a down under to stand on in order to climb back on.]

    I know there is a deeper message. Where things can get so bad and we are so removed from our rightful place that there is no hope.
    We are lost.
    But with hope, we can 'climb back' and reclaim our lives. [Sometimes only in our being and not physically because of permanent injury or life in prison, etc.]

  17. Very creative piece Sandy.

  18. Sandy--
    This is darker than your usual offerings. I'm just noticing, that's all.

    Beautifully rendered.

    Thank you00

  19. I like this- it reminds me of my teenage daughter testing her wanderlust out on us. Consequences for that wanderlust- but we are always there when she returns... Happy New Year!

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