One Single Impression: Blowing the Curve

I watch and love

Reaching for you

I anticipate
Which way
You will draw the line

And you draw the line

I watch
For the east and west
Of this conversation
And how far you will take it

But no

There's no way to know
If you will go

Left or right straight ahead both

And the line curves round me
Until it surrounds me


I step out of line
Blowing your curve

Step in. Step out.
Be where you will

In this
Undefined universe

We call love.


  1. and so you wonder if that is really love or manipulation power disguised as love...

  2. Looks like a little cat and mouse game going on --- which is a good thing when it come to love and keeping it from being boring.

  3. Beautiful words, deep thoughts, Sandy, and so true. Love is indeed an undefined universe that only brave hearts are willing to explore. Have a lovely weekend.


  4. Oh my gosh Sandy- that sounds JUST like how it is with my daughter and what she "lets" me know about her life. It's like push and pull constantly...but in the end I know the basis is love. Teenagers. Great take on the prompt. I had a hard time with it, but did come up with something.

  5. The dance of love. Can be tricky footing sometimes.

  6. love... undefined when relating with other but true and stable in the eternal flame that enlightens our heart

  7. Is magnificent...
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. This brought to mind the bull fighters circling the bull trying not to be gored, getting ready to plunge the sword.

  9. This is beautiful Sandy! You are so clever.

  10. The line surrounds you, but it can never entrap you.

    You always blow the curve Sandy. You set the standard, raise the bar. Make us better than we thought we could be.

    Or maybe that's just me.

  11. Sandy, masterfully written!

  12. It is like a dance but no one called a tune. You don't know where to follow because he doesn't know where to lead. He needs to listen to the rhythm.

  13. Sandy: Your writing is always so thought provoking.

  14. I am with Sylvia, th universe is an undefined love....:)

    can we blow the curve of undefined love when it hits us?

  15. Sandy, love that fits the curve would be boring!

  16. Sandy, I enjoyed very much this wonderful "abstract" poem.
    Happy Sunday!

  17. Such a chaotic thing, love. But who'd have it any different.

  18. It's hard to find a love poem that's new and fresh. You did it, though! It feels like a tango.

  19. Maybe love is like a circle, where if true enough it does surround us like the circle. Once completed, it rejoins itself, becoming perfect and round. To step outside the bounds of this perfection, off the line; and maybe lost. Which way do we turn and where does the circle form in the end? This speaks to me.

    3.14159 x D

  20. Your description of love is wonderful, and it goes around and about just like that..

  21. Such beautiful words. They feel like they come from your heart.

  22. Dear Sandy---
    Our poems are so similar, but yours is so much more descriptive...and, and, I don't think love is any other way than non-linear. Kisses are not promises and drawing the line is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Love your nuances, as ever!

  23. Where lines are drawn,
    let some be erased.
    With a willing hand,
    let some lines intersect.
    When love is real,
    let boundaries be crossed.

  24. Sandy,
    this is quite wonderful. life is alive and though we draw lines, they are illusions.Beautifully written!

  25. Nicely done. It's all a dance anyways, isn't it. Love and control. Freedom to be. Where will it all lead? How will it all end. You captured it well.

  26. Loves me - loves me not... ain't it always the way?

  27. nice when we can summon up the courage not to let ourselves be hemmed in by someone else's arbitrary lines. it's enough to keep up with our own shifting ones.

  28. Lines drawn in sand constantly shift - lovely poem!

  29. Lovely and sad. It seems as though you speak in different tongues.

  30. .. wonderment & beauty

    great write ..


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