One Single Impression: Wings

The taste and weight
Of salt—
Your salt your weight—
Are in the air
And therefore on my tongue.
I am a kite and there is the sea
Air currents are my breath and pulse
I dance
When you flick your wrist
I respond
To your every whim
I feel
The weight of your desire
The heft of your life
As you tug on the string that threads
Through the air and through me
That makes of my dance and your touch
A dialogue of life in the cold.
I know
The weight and taste
Of this dance
By the salt on my tongue.
You know the dance?
You make it so?
Believe it if you must.
Without me you are a dream.
Without me your touch is nothing.
I am the kite.
The string is mine.

I struggled with the wings theme this week. The closest I could come to wings was a tethered flier. After a good few days in North Carolina, I came up with this, too.

One Single Impression


  1. wow I like this. I wrote a poem too today. It's certainly releasing to give form to your feelings...

  2. Love this poem! It is so vivid, I could imagine myslef as the kite flyer OR the kite itself! But in the endm I imagined myself as the kite and God as the flyer. Maybe you had no ntentions of it being that way but that's how it made me feel. . . JUST beautiful words together!

  3. This is profoundly beautiful on so many levels! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. So many layers to this. The kite is bound to but pretty much dependent on the string in order to fly. But the flier? The flier can anchor the string and leave the kite suspended in air indefinitely. The flier needn't be present, only the string.

    Wonder how the kite feels about that.

    Wonder if the flier has any regard for those feelings.

  5. Maybe it is the relationship you are having trouble with?? I will go look at the other poem.

  6. I can't believe you struggled with the winged theme... this piece is so haunting and alive. Love the layers, the words so perfectly placed. Breathtaking!

  7. That ocean shot with the wings looks like a tough camera shot.

    I am the kite the string is mine - I love that line.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Tom Bailey

  8. Your words make pictures in my head.

  9. Great poem, Sandy :)


  10. I am not able to comment at the other place...thats a fine poem too, enjoyed :)


  11. What a profound poem that can be interpreted on so many levels. I took comfort in believing that the kite is our soul, and the string is our ego. The string tries to control, but ultimately it is nothing without that beautiful kite at its end, flying in the wind.

  12. Sandy: That is way over my poetic knowledge. You have a way with words my friend.

  13. Sandy,
    this is wonderful
    struggle if you must
    the outcome is superb!

  14. If you had difficulty you certainly overcame it.

  15. Your poem is mystical where you manage to collaborate the connection of the wings to the salt and the weight of life. The metaphoric tuning of sensuality connives to that of the kite of how it behaves flirtatiously when touched by the wind. Makes me think hard Sandy! Nevertheless, I enjoy it! (My brain hardly works well with poetry these days).

  16. And if the salt lose its savour..?

  17. Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for your thoughts and comments on my blog, they are much appreciated! I like the analogy of the kite and strings. I think salt also adds spice to life. With it, the experience is enhanced and that much "sweeter". Through your struggle, your poem has me thinking tonight.

  18. This poem looks at relationships at so many levels and does so with such grace. If this is you struggling, well. . . I just don't know. Thank you for a lovely read.

  19. well Sandy, it's a lovely rendition of the prompt...:)

    like a kite we are in so many ways, and I remember childhood days flying kites and it was sheer fun...:)

    your time in North Carolina was helpful for being able to come up with this awesome poem!

    have a great week ahead Sandy!

  20. so beautiful and original Sandy..!

  21. The ideas and emotions thrusting this poem skyward are truly amazing. Well done.

  22. Tethered is surely a form of wing clipping! Soaring or resting kites give credence to working wings. I love this piece.

  23. North Carolina is good for you, Sandy. I like this, better when I know the last few lines.
    Until those last lines I was wandering if this was going some place that I would have to go back for a closer reading to figure out.

  24. Wonderful poem, Sandy. Makes me imagine a sunny day with a kite in my hand and a breeze picking up behind my back, lifting the kite higher and higher into the blue sky.

  25. Ah ... reading your lovely words reminds me how much I've missed OSI and how glad I am to have returned, though my offering is more whimsical than poignant. Thanks for pushing through whatever struggles you encountered.
    Hugs and blessings,

  26. beautiful expressions ..

    thanks for writing this ..

  27. This is a beautiful metaphor Sandy! Although you may have struggled, your poems turned out wonderful! Love them both! Hope your week is going well. We are back to normal with school- how about you?

  28. The hidden passion here is incredibly powerful. I was lulled, lured, and captured.

  29. The 'tethered flyer' is a very intriguing image - under control and yet not - much like poetry.

  30. This is profoundly beautiful on so many levels! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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  31. Very deep yet simple. You made the experience between kite and the outstretched hand come to life.

    It is a dance and one is dependent on the other. It's not so much about control, as it is about simply responding. There is freedom in responding to another.

    The string is the connection - the relationship defines the dance - the dance signifies harmony or defeat - harmony bestows freedom - freedom has wings.

    Beautiful post, you ae verey talented!


  32. Anonymous11:20 PM

    It works for me. I am remembering the summer day our family flew kites. Relationships are like kites, tehtered, dancing. Lovely.

  33. its beautifully done Sandy..

    sometimes we just do not know what to say and when it all comes together, it is stunning!!

    hugs and love

    i love your header image too!

  34. dance if you must in this damp sky – diving and looping—a good place to wander and ponder
    thank your for opening your heart


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