One Single Impression: Insomnia


The grind of a jet engine comes to me through the night air
And I wonder how it would be to lie in the grass
Rested and peaceful
And hear that music.

I put it by.

The bark of a lonely dog calling for an open door
Reaches me and I wonder about the loneliness
Unassuming and real
That simply wants in.

I open the door.

The cry of a thirsty child calls to me through the night air
And I wonder how it would be to feel the sunlight
Warm and quiet
In the still water.

I fill her glass.

Each sound comes from a dark and separate place,
And I struggle for the silence that might yield peace
Gentle and still
In a long sleep.

I lie awake.

Now: a whisper--something about love--
But the voice competes
With restlessness

I cannot hear.

I turn the pillow;
I try to sleep.
I cannot sleep;
I cannot make sense

Of the whisper.

I will wait.

Light comes.
Tomorrow comes.
The dream comes?
I will arise.

I will wait.

Note: A connection between the image and the words? None. Unfortunately. I began thinking how when I can't settle into sleep, each sound from outside seems to come to me from its own universe and buzz around inside a jar. So I had that thought when I began to write, and then my mind went completely off road.

One Single Impression


  1. Neat! Seems like insomnia strikes people like us. I should try and listen to the sounds when i'm tossing around the next time.

  2. Insomnia effects me the same way and your words are perfect whether they match the picture or not -- the picture is perfect on it's on, beautiful! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Sandy!


  3. This speaks to me, as I wait so often for that quiet nothing that allows my mind to settle down and sleep. So many times sleep doesn't come and I rise early in the day. So well said.

  4. I really loved the mood of this poem and following a wandering mind at night. It really resonated with me.

  5. I love it. You can take me off road with you anytime.

  6. I think you have captured the feeling of insomnia just perfectly. I often hear those sounds. I listen to the clock tic tock, tic tock then the chimes tell me when the quarter hours come by. I even see things in the house with the lights off that looks like this picture of crockery. Wonderful poem. You can be sure you are not alone in the night.

  7. I loved this Sandy..
    I to am a sufferer of sleepless nights.... I now get up and do something around the house.... of visit a few blogs.... it is no good me lying there without sleeping. I know when the weather is warmer and the nights not so long I will be getting up, making a flask of tea and taking off to catch the sun rise. Sleep comes to me often during the day... a hour or two of good deep sleep and I feel refreshed.
    May your pillow be as comfy at bedtime as it is in the morning...

  8. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Off-roading agrees with you! These words are your independent suspension, Dana 60 front axle and leaf springs...

    Drive on!

  9. I love to listen to the sounds of the night. We live near trains, both commuter and freight and to me, that's one of the best night sounds when I can't sleep. Happy sleeping!

  10. lovely thoughts, enjoyed the flow of thoughts that came.

  11. You well describe the voices of night.

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  12. Nice poem Sandy :)


  13. Wonderful poem, Sandy. I always enjoy so much your very fine poetry. The beautiful picture reminds me of Morandi's paintings.

  14. I hear them too. Insomnia can be rough. But you put fine words to it.

  15. Due to my 'all nights' shift in the hospital, i am battling with insomnia too.

    LOve the poem Sandy,it really reverberated with me. Love the photo too, simply perfect for monochrome.

  16. Beautiful! Your poem describes the toss and turn for my restless nights.

  17. Maybe your message is in a "bottle?"

  18. I could hear a pin drop while reading your words. There was such a silence there; a perfect capturing of that "alone" feeling we all have in the dark at night when unable to sleep. Beautiful!

  19. Wonderful capture of insomnia-I'm lucky I usually sleep through the night-but when I don't you wrote how I feel. Seems you are always doing that : )

  20. lovely rhythms and float of images in the almost sleep state, half-urges to respond, then side drift but never quite sleep. great enactment in poetic form.

  21. nice post Sandy..i could visualise all the words :)loved it :)

  22. I think you relayed your feelings perfectly. When I can't sleep my mind flits around and I come up with these most perfect ideas and solutions then I surrender to sleep and when I awake I can't put my finger on my brilliantness of the night before. :(

  23. Those faraway sounds are magnified at this time. Nicely done, as always.

  24. Sandy, I've read this several times. It is my belief that the open state of waiting in the darkness, when no sleep comes, is perhaps a window of/for the sacred.... at least that is what I feel when I read your poem.

  25. Sandy, even before I read your poem I was thinking of visualzing the filling of those containers, one by one, until sleep came.
    It would be similar to counting sheep which I can't do because I can never see any sheep to count.

  26. sandy...wonderful poem...often i
    feel the same way...each sound in
    the night becomes a small journey
    in my mind...

  27. the image and the words are outstanding in their own right!

  28. you perfectly expressed how insomnia attacks us...sleepless, toss and turn, then morning comes, we feel just as empty...

    well captured Sandy!

  29. I loved the entire concept of your poem, and especially the end...exactly how it happens in all these sounds get magnified when we can't sleep....

    My favorite line:
    "The dream comes?" :):)

  30. Loved the images. I see myself in them. Maybe for a number of us, insomnia is the reason we write.

  31. Beautiful seem to be a magician..

  32. Oh Sandy, your poem is haunting me now. We all know the feelings but you have put them into words and it's so powerful.

  33. Well said. Lovely work!

  34. this is great! Love the rythm (wish I'd written this myself!)
    Thanks for visiting me!

  35. so very good

    many thanks indeed ..


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