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Last Saturday, I woke up to a beautiful day that landed an important question on my pillow: What to do with the day? I wasted a good few hours feeling like I had to be busy doing something to make the most of the day. Oh, but what to do....

I asked my daughter. What do you want to do?

I'll go for a walk with you.

Here? Somewhere else? Should we make it an adventure?


OK. Not what I want, but OK.

We walked.

At the bottom of the hill, we hooked a hard left and kept on and came across, oh, about a dozen or so turtles out in the swamp doing their turtle thing. Turtle thing: each little hard-shelled dude was on his own little grass tuft in the swamp taking in the sun. They were so still, so quiet, so unbelievably strong, peaceful, eternal.

They have been here forever, Adella, because they know what to do with Saturday.

They're funny, mom.

That, too. Yes.

She slipped her hand in mine, and we made our way into the woods, up the hill, and all over the place. That was our day.

So funny. I love those guys.

Do Saturday right. Do Saturday like a turtle.


  1. Turtle Greetings with Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. I do love how you think! And I love the turtles, too! What a great way to count one's blessings -- even if sometimes we have to look a little harder than usual. Enjoy your evening, Sandy, and have a great day tomorrow!


  3. great idea and suggestion-do something simple but do it together.

  4. Turtle is my totem. I like how they have their home right on their backs.

  5. Love the turtles and love that you were able to share the day together.

  6. a sweet story, & a nice memory to look back on too.

  7. I wish we all remembered to do Saturday right! We'd all be so much happier than we are now.

  8. Yes, you need to make Saturday last. It always feels like spring is actually here when the turtles start sun bathing.

  9. Turtles in the sun do seem so very relaxed.

  10. The turtles have it figured out don't they? Thanks for the reminder. And for the beautiful images, both the photo and the story.

  11. What a blessing to see those turtles! It's wonderful that you and your daughter share a fantastic day together..

  12. Amen! Thanks for sharing yoru turtle time with me!

  13. Anonymous12:33 PM

    To borrow your perfect phrase, "Turtle Tai Chi"!

    They are priceless- so calm, so zen.

    These little moments, between moms and daughters, between childhood and growing up- the only way to bottle them is with our words, our stories, our photographs.

    Beautifully done.

  14. Perfect. I want a Saturday just like that one.

  15. I like their thinking, and yours. 'They know what to do with a Saturday' made me smile!

  16. What a nice description of a charming day!

  17. Sometimes what we want is not what we need. Isn't it grand that your daughter got her way?

    I watched my turtles do a synchronized dive from their log into the swamp when a cat sauntered by. It was a perfect moment.

  18. That was a great way to spend saturday.
    Nature is wonderful.:)

  19. what a perfect way to spend the day .. any day but most especially Saturday!

  20. It would seem that "here" is almost always the best place to be after all. Gotta love your shelled buddies.


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