Blog Your Blessings: Proudly, Fearlessly Holding Their Ground

The geese were out in numbers today. As I turned a corner onto the road home the family with five goslings began to make its way across the road. Mama, one, two, three, and four waddled their way from one patch of grass, across the tarmac, and onto the next patch of grass, safe and sound.

Papa stood tall and vigilant in the middle of my lane as they crossed, and then he made his way to the exact center in that dark space between the yellow stripes. He kept his attention on the fifth goose, who worked like the dickens to get onto the road. He is lame in one leg, and he struggled to make his way off the curb. He hobbled his way across the road and used his wings to lift himself onto the grass with the rest of the family. All the while, papa did not move. He was as erect and impassive as a hanging judge.

Lines of cars formed in both lanes. This waiting took a few minutes, but nobody showed any signs of impatience. A beautiful moment. The father did not move, even after five was in the grass. He waited until he was good and sure all was well before he brought up the rear.

Geese are the only animals I can think of who don't rush out of the road when humans come rolling along. They proudly fearlessly hold their ground.

What's love? That. And it's a beautiful thing.


  1. Canada Geese are great parents. It is nice that you are someplace where you can watch them despite all the perils of life.

  2. It is indeed love and it most certainly is a beautiful thing! How lovely to be reminded of that from time to time through nature! Have a lovely evening, Sandy!


  3. perfect example of parental love...

  4. We have so many and I love to watch them but the parks don't like it for obvious reasons.

  5. I love those birds, the ancestors of our Hawaii State Nene Bird

    Aloha from Waikiki, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  6. Very nice reading, Sandy.

  7. Sandy, whenever I read your lines, they touch my soul...

  8. I love how you always connect with the creatures you encounter. I hope everyone came away from that experience feeling as you did.

  9. You just have to love a gosling. I always enjoy watching them. Lord knows I get plenty of chances around here. A sweet story. Congratulations on the potw.

    With that said, I cringed a bit at "lines formed on both sides of the street." Now, of course I'll make an exception for allowing a lame gosling to cross. The trouble around here is when hordes of adult geese swarm the roads.

    What most drivers fail to grasp is that, when that happens, if you stop, you pose no threat and the geese will not move. The idea is to slow down. If you keep moving, however slowly, the geese will get out of the way, and both birds and humans can proceed.

    Just a little pet peeve of mine.

  10. You always have a way of expressing yourself so I can 'see' what you say ... congrats on the POTW mention from Hilary

  11. Anonymous12:21 PM

    What a lovely post it is =)

    And the image embedded in layout is SO mystically beautiful!:) This sunset is so pure as if indicating a 'serene ending'.


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