One Single Impression: Enigma

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It's like this
Every single year
But word comes in the news
And we forget what we know:

The alerts, the warnings, the advisories:
"A danger of freezing temperatures tonight
In every part of your county."

In other words:

Spring could die tonight

And there's nothing you can do.

Next morning,
A fox runs down the sidewalk
The gale force winds carry
The scent of cherry and lilac
And unfolding green leaves

Because you dance in the wind.

You survive the cold.

Year after year,

And it's new every time--

So is the fear
That we won't.

Call it an enigma.
Call it May.

One Single Impression


  1. Call it a pain in the rear. HA! There should be a law against weather like this in May!! Argh!

  2. Beautiful, lovely take on the prompt. The weather is one thing which will always be an enigma.

  3. Wonderful as always, Sandy! And looking out my window right now, in spite of everything blooming, it is gray and cold and generally yucky!! Ah well, this too shall pass -- one of these days! Have a great weekend!


  4. The weather is like life - turbulent
    full of attitude.One minute it sparkles and one minute it is dull, one minute you feel its warm breath and one minute a cold stab in your back.Very nice poem:)

  5. we had a snow storm yesterday and today we're home and it's 70 degrees. Plants can't put on coats.

  6. Anonymous7:26 PM

    May is fickle, indeed. In these parts, she's threatening snow and slightly north of me she's dropped five feet of fresh powder.

    Not terribly spring-like, but definitely an enigma.

    Great words on the riddle that is May...

  7. Isn't this the truth. Well said. Enigma is one of those scary words to me. I guess because you never know where it will lead you. I am glad spring wasn't lost.

  8. Early spring is like that. You never know from day to day. 70 one day, freezing the next morning. However, I don't worry about the next one. I am just glad for the ones I have had and hope I am blessed enough to see another. Your poem frames the season so well.

  9. it's pretty weird the weather here, extreme cold and hot not likely for spring

  10. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Nice capture with nice DOF of the background.
    Weird weather we all seem to be experiencing all over the world.

  11. loved this, I was looking for the author,
    and realized it's you ~

  12. Very well thoughtout Sandy, I am learning that this world of thoughts too is an enigma..

  13. I always God puts those frost/freeze warnings out for me to put the brakes on a little in the spring. Otherwise I would trying to plant annuals earlier and earlier. Lucky there wasn't too much frost and everything seemed to make unscathed.

  14. Yes, a strange month is May.

  15. May sure can be an enigma! Mine is, already. April was too for that matter. Wonderful Poem Sandy.

  16. How very true! Lovely poem.

  17. hi sandy, yes it is so this way in may... i hafta force myself not to put out any annuals on the porch or they shall die from the freeze...those few sunny days that tease us into thinking its ok... and then that tree..amazing this photo...i found myself outside the other day looking at this very thing...the leaves unfolding just as we see...and then those twirlee thingees come...curses a hundred thousand of them but yet the seeds of life how can i curse...

  18. Hope it has warmed up!

  19. Perfect, perfect! Even as I read, the snow is rising nearby, wind is blowing so hard one needs to carry rocks to refrain from being blown to the next state and the rain falls, falls, falls. Yes, it's a new May, an annual enigma. Delightful work.

  20. Clever and so true ;)

  21. Lovely!

    We would have to call that April here. A May freeze would be highly unlikely. =)

  22. Again, another lovely poem on nature...:))

    Sure, the changing of seasons is quite an enigma Sandy!

  23. "Because you dance in the wind." Love this line. Love this poem..and Love the dance of enigma indeed! Have a great week Sandy!

  24. Rallentanda10:26 PM

    The scent of cherry and lilac sounds good...Your spring, and now
    our Autumn.Put my first jumper
    (sweater)on today this year.

  25. Wonderful! Love the undependability of May weather. Is it spring? or no? Nicely rendered!

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