Graphic Violence at the Swamp

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Memorial Day weekend was quiet and it got me thinking last year it wasn't that way at all. The rains were torrential and they seemed to wash turtles into the road left and right. I remember heading out to see a friend and getting caught in a heavy downpour that would bring Southbury to its knees under the weight of fallen ancient trees and runoff. On the way out, I saw a painted turtle making its way across the road, so I stopped and finished the crossing for him or her and got back in my car, soaked.

There was a lot of that last year: the weird little school teacher stopping the VW to jump out and scoot the turtle out of harm's way. Stopping for turtles was a given.

But this year: Where are the turtles? I have been waiting for them.

Earlier on this spring, I had seen them sunbathing on tufts of grass in the swamp. Turtle tai chi was fun to watch, and it was lovely and easy because they were safe from autos deep in the swamp.

That was three months ago. But now?

Out for a walk this evening, I came across the remains of two that had been smashed at the mouth of a driveway. Their bodies lay in the blackened tire marks of somebody who had claimed for himself the thrill of killing two turtles at once.

My heart sank when I saw these two smashed beauties. These animals seem to me to be as vulnerable as they are sturdy, simple as they are wise, and always true to the earth that brings them home to continue the cycle of life.

What to say next?

Just dammit.

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  1. Oh, I hate it when that happens! I feel the same way you do! I do hope no more get killed that way! So sad! And yes, damnit!


  2. it's a treacherous world and break our hearts seeing the news of the oil covered birds on the coast. but always remember there is a ying/yang to all things. as much violence and destruction there is, there's also the beauty and peace of the original design for our earth which will be restored one day. don't despair. let hope arise and grow.

  3. it's great that you don't live in Romania, to see the dead dogs in the street... it's absolutely heartbreaking and I hate to see animals killed recklessly like that, just because some people don't care :((

  4. Wouldn't you think that people who live near such beautiful creatures, would take the care to look out for them before getting in the car.
    people just don't seem to care anymore........ except for you and me.
    I am sickened by such thoughtlessness.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Scenes like you describe break my heart. We have no turtles in Scandinavia, but other animals fall victims to carelessness and disregards of people.
    Your images are very powerful...
    Have a lovely weekend,

  6. Man's need to own everything, even the lives and lifes of other creatures, sicken me.

  7. everthing has a purpode
    ying yang Bioworld

  8. It breaks my heart as well. And it boggles my mind that someone could purposely run over a living creature; be it a cat, a porcupine, or a turtle?? How can one be so callous. So hard-hearted! So cruel!
    I personally would like to run them over a few times. Or at least catch them in the act and get them arrested and jailed for cruelty to animals and murder!! But if I actually saw the act! Yikes...I might commit murder!!

  9. This is terribly sad. I cried last spring when we found two dead baby owls. One on each side of the road. Someone had blown through them. sad Sad SAD.

  10. Sandy: Not done on purpose I'm sure, who could see a turtle while backing out of a driveway.

  11. Oh, this is horrible, Sandy. Some people's cruelty to animals is beyond understanding. The heart is desperately wicked; who can know it?

  12. what??

    I am speechless

  13. This is sickening. I would so hope that Fishing Guy is right and that it was by accident.. but two? I'm afraid not. Truly, it's sickening.


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