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After a busy school year, a busy summer school, and a busy few weeks vacationing with my family on Topsail Island, it was good to have a week to myself. They were quiet days during which I sat back and watched the world. 

One of the most delightful things I watched was the entering into the ocean of a newly hatched loggerhead turtle. He made his journey across the sand to the water with the help of some turtle hospital volunteers and 50 onlookers who cheered him on his way. Night had come early; the sky was black with storm clouds before 7:30. In the dull light, the water swirled round the little guy, rendering him invisible and then taking him on his way in very little time. 

Just watching that little guy do what he was destined to do--to step into whatever life had to offer under cover of darkness and despite the rough weather coming (or maybe with the help of it) and just go, all alone in a vast world--humbled me. 

You do what you do because you're you. You go.

Looking into the sky a little later that night, I saw the light of military helicopters whose pilots and crew were doing what they do because they are who they are. They were practicing for what lay ahead in Pakistan and other parts East. Looking into the sky day and night any day of that week, I saw these fighters at work. Alone or in groups of two or three, they flew in and out of view, close to the water, up and down the beach. It seemed no matter where I turned, they were there. Their presence wouldn't let me forget there is a world beyond the strip of beach called Topsail Island, that not everything in this world is calm and easy.

That you do what you do because you're you. You go.

Watching all this, I wondered if character is a choice or a matter of destiny or maybe a bit of both.

Watching the natural world at work with the love and admiration of ordinary people and watching the military world at work through the sheer force of will of the individuals who make it, I got to thinking those things that don't display these kinds of excellence just aren't important. 

Make it count, or let it go, but stay with what is important. Be yourself; be excellent.

That last week was a good one. It returned me to my own little world feeling sure and calm. If the turtle can do it, if the dudes in the sky can do it, then I who live somewhere between their worlds can do it. I will be myself.


  1. the most diffficult thing of all: to be ourselves. you are, as always, an inspiration!

  2. *Applause!*

    Best Post In Some Time (for any of us).

    Must read it, you know about my two sea turtle tattoos, right? Wonderful Sandy; Wonderful & Wise!

    Wonderful concept, heart, & execution!

    Today I will post a photo with fire in tribute to your success here.

    I'll put it up today!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    <a href="http://comfortsp

  3. Definitely a bit of both. One comes to a certain point in life and has to make up ones mind as to how they will be.

  4. Truly inspirational as always.

  5. It is difficult to be ourselves -- too easy to try and be what we think others want us to be. But the great day comes when we realize that the very best we can do/be is to be ourselves and be at peace with that. And you are indeed an inspriation -- always! Enjoy your day, Sandy!


  6. I always say I want to be me and then life says you have to be something other.
    But then you go on vacation and then you can be you again and then, you change clothes and become someone else.
    Is a soldier a soldier?
    Not always. He is also a man/woman, a parent,a child,a lover,philosopher,artist, poet,hustler,......we are all part and parcel of many things and many people and this is how it's supposed to be, because life is a learning process, and as you live you grow and change.:)
    It's all good.
    Great Post Sandy:)

  7. What a neat experience with the turtle especially! You have such a positive attitude!

    I left a comment on yoru Crab post also. Our power was out yesterday and I didn't get around to anyone.

  8. we build resilience by enduring what we have to and going on with our lives...

  9. "But stay with what is important. Be yourself; be excellent".
    Thanks for your turtles, dudes, words. Thanks for share them.
    Luiz Ramos

  10. Such a true message, it's sad that we need to be reminded from time to time isn't it. I would love to be the turtle!

  11. I have a true or live a lie. I'm learning to choose true.

    But sometimes, it's really hard.

    Thanks for visiting...

  12. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. It sounds as if your week alone was very productive.

  13. Devotion to duty and a sense of self are the first cobblestones on anyone's path to peace. "To what should I devote myself?" and just "who am I?" are where I always get stuck.

  14. Really wonderful reflections, Sandy. Be yourself: this is so important indeed. I always admire your optimism, positiveness and efficiency.

  15. One of the most delightful things I watched was the entering into the ocean of a newly hatched loggerhead turtle.>>> havent experience this yet and i badly want to see it. i know that there's an activity here like this that happens once a year. i must join next year.

  16. Popped across from Cloudia and was so pleased to see a post which reinforced hers today. So I will do my best to not be afraid and to be myself. Thank you both. Every Blessing

  17. What a lovely post. It's wonderful when we return from vacation with a refreshed perspective. I appreciate your inspiration - to be myself.

  18. I have no doubt that you do what you do with excellence. I always get that from what you write.. from how you share.. for how you care.

  19. Anonymous4:44 AM

    What a wonderful motto for life: Be yourself. Be excellent.

  20. What a wonderful reminder as to how to live a fuller more satisfying life. To live with excellence!! I will remember this
    Thanks and congrats on your POTW award dear one!

  21. oh, Sandy,
    I love how you see.
    this was a gift. thank you


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