LeBron: All that Truth Makes me Crave Some Basketball

LeBron James is not your grandma's golden calf. With smarts and style, Lebron the Idol steps off your pedestal by naming all the junk that's been said about him since his move from Cleveland to Miami.

I love this ad. So often we--the free world wherein everyone can be great and everyone else can simultaneously deny your greatness by finding the fatal flaw with which we identify--hoist people onto pedestals perhaps only for the thrill of knocking them down and then ripping them apart. We vaunt our human rights and how good and right it is to be human, and then we tear apart our most favored children for being human.

Nowadays heroes carry a heavy load that is very different from the one they used to carry. In our time, they carry all that we hate in ourselves where once they carried the virtues we might celebrate.

LeBron James's Nike ad speaks to that with so much honesty and grace that you just want to see this marvelous athlete stop talking and speak to that beauty we crave as he does it best--through that most American of games, basketball.