One Single Impression: Apprentice

To apprehend:
To seize with the mind.

An apprentice?
One who does that.

I am mud wrestling with this metaphor.

It has me in what I hope is an illegal hold
And I hope that someone in authority is watching
And will blow the whistle
That I might remove my face from the mud
Draw back the filth from my eyes
Shake off this thing

I am trying to imagine my mind seizing
Laying claim to
Calling its own

Anything at all.

Blow the whistle on me:
I am going too far with this.

To apprehend
Means to understand.

Forget the strange and violent history of the word
As you perceive it.

It is a simple thing: understanding.
Apprentice: one who will understand.

Back to that game in the mud, though:
What you don't apprehend
Holds you

And will
Until you do.

You will apprehend.
You will plunder your life for the truth.

Call it air.
You will come up to find it.

One Single Impression


  1. Tweeeet tweet. Too much mud slinging here. How's that?

  2. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm....very interesting.

  3. Sounds a bit muddy in there.
    Want a helping hand out?

    Very neat.

  4. Forget the strange and violent history of the word
    As you perceive it.>>>it hits!

  5. Definitely puts a new slant ont he word for me. . .

  6. wow, multiple layers of meaning in that poem. good work.

  7. What an interesting (and perceptive) metaphor for not apprehending things.

  8. Anonymous1:24 AM

    spiritual thoughts....I like this!

  9. Very contemplative words. It comes across as if you are struggling with a dilemma somehow...
    Whatever it is, I hope your Sunday is lovely;)

  10. You will come up to find it.


    So well put in words!

  11. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Great job--you truly are a master at poetry!


  12. You will plunder your life for the truth.

    I love that line especially! What a wonderful poem.

  13. understanding is important.
    awesome entry.

  14. Provocative piece, to be sure. I'll re-read this one more time or three and come away with yet another level. Nicely done.

  15. Anonymous6:28 PM

    What a joy to read. Love the opening two lines. A deep bow for this entry of yours. Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  16. Excellent! I loved wrestling with this poem.

  17. wonderfully witty dear lady.

  18. Great concept, and so well written.

  19. deep and for who is meant to...:-)

    Peace Sandy... :-)

  20. very deep to Comprehend..or apprehend..oh, I am feeling like an apprentice on this page.. learning from a craftsman.. Thanks Sandy..

  21. Wow- you gave me a lot to think about- nice job Sandy! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your break~~

  22. Anonymous10:23 PM

    drowning in mud, touch the golden ring in a wrestling match... yeah, i like it... the search is on!!!!

  23. I love to trace the derivation of words. With a gap of 500 years and Old French to American, meanings are sometimes hard to reconcile. I love where it took you.

    “You will plunder your life for the truth.” is a revelation! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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