One Single Impression: Meld

To melt and weld
As in, perhaps,
Putting the silver coating on
This cheap necklace I wear almost every day;

(It is a turtle emerging from a shell,
Crawling to the sea of my throat.)

My chemistry
Has worn away the thin layer of silver
Fused to this base metal
To create the illusion

Of something sterling.

This lackluster turtle reminds
Me life itself began


Began in the face
Of wildly ridiculous odds
Began as a turtle by being there

(So the stories go)

When a divine innocent fell
(Was pushed in anger, actually)
Through a hole in the heavens

To an earth that lifts you up
Because it can

Because it can transform
Danger and anger into--
(Pretty dreams, I would like to say)
And it will

(and we may never understand this)
That is what it is; it must.

Scratch beneath the surface;

Find that the turtle is the turtle.


One Single Impression


  1. Many people live in illusion they have created. So long they have been there...they have begun to believe it is real!!
    And as you say...the truth is...the turtle is the turtle!!!

  2. fun journey into mysteries unsolvable but fascinating. Not by chance but with planning I believe...

  3. Beautiful. My daughter, the great philosopher at age 4, used to say "Life is life." The turtle is the turtle. I love it Sandy.

  4. Always the perfect thought to start my day. Life is life! Have a wonderful day, Sandy! Enjoy!


  5. Your poem kept me rippling along 'till the end. Well done.

    I hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend.


  6. "Scratch beneath the surface;

    Find that the turtle is the turtle.



    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  7. I enjoyed how a simple necklace can make you see all this.;) At times there is so much more under the surface than meets the eye initially, sometimes not.
    Have a lovely day,

  8. Awesome poem, Sandy. I think creation is at the same time a need and a planned chance event.
    Happy Sunday!

  9. That pretty-complicated-cycle of life Sandy...:-)

    For every end a beginning and while taking the journey, we meld with things that come our way!

  10. Anonymous8:44 AM

    interesting positive story...!

  11. We all in the worlds we create based on the things we perceive.. truth belongs to us all, Sandy, and we all pursuethings based on our own understanding.. you have put it so well..Sandy.. Thanks!

  12. Wow...well written poem... :)

  13. ...and life goes on and on...and the circle of life keeps rotating :) The journey can only become a happy one, a worthwhile and a memorable life only if we are able to meld whatever comes or is thrown our way!! :)

    Have a great start to a new week!!

  14. Thoughtful poem - it advances and retreats and regroups. Very nice.

  15. Hi Sandy, I always enjoy the storytelling and truth you evoke with each verse. Another lovely poem here.

  16. Anonymous11:15 PM

    sorta like today's " it is what it is " .. turtles are so strong yet so susceptible to their surroundings... that they would travel a lifetime to get home... now that is hope realized.. enjoyed listening to your thoughts abt the turtle around you neck..

  17. I know many turtles that still have the sterling coating on I just wish they would come out of the "shell"! Thanks Sandy this was wonderful morning read!

  18. Anonymous12:07 PM

    A beautiful interpretation of this wonderful prompt.

  19. I love it and how your story "melds" together! The last line is amazing! Thanks for sharing your interpretation and for giving me the opportunity with the prompt.

  20. Beautiful melding of thoughts and emotions..Melding poetry.

  21. jewelry for me is medicine or spirit that supports or perhaps reminds.... love that yours has so much meaning for you.


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