This is my art.

I say nothing
Offer nothing give nothing
Leave nothing behind

There is nothing

But quiet

Where I am

Where I have been.

It is not a gift.

Understand this.

I am not having a conversation with you.
I am not in the least interested in your response.
I am not waiting for your big moment of

I don't know what.

I don't care.


This is my art.

I say nothing
So you can take what you need
And walk away

Without the slightest thougth of me.

It is better that way.

For both of us.

Quiet is my art.

The gift?

Step in and claim what you will.

It's all I can do.


  1. Your art is a precious gift. Thank you for sharing so readily. I look forward to this spot of quiettude. A place where I can rest, relax or have deep seated feelings expressed. It always surprises me when this happens. I wonder how did she know?

  2. reminds me of EMily Dickinson's poems.... "the verse is so alive"


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