One Single Impression: Freedom


Drift and dream,
Skimming the beach:
Fine, dry sand that blows and flows
Becoming a dune here,
An open space there.

Give, take, and go.
There is no then and again
No error or shame
No questioning

You slip through that open space
And watch the sun set;
Climb the new dune
And watch the sun rise.

You are caught in between,
Captive of an open heart,
Free to come and go.

Drift. Create. Be.

This is not an embrace
But a letting go.

Call it love. Call it freedom.

free (v.)
O.E. freogan "to free, liberate, manumit," also "to love, think of lovingly, honor," from freo (see free (adj.)). Cf. O.Fris. fria "to make free;" O.S. friohan "to court, woo;" Ger. befreien "to free," freien "to woo;" O.N. frja "to love;" Goth. frijon "to love." Related: Freed; freeing.

One Single Impression


  1. Wow! Such powerful words! I love this.

  2. Love it, especially "captive of an open heart"

  3. Well, I erased my own comment, you can tell I just got up!! Superb and powerful words indeed, as always, Sandy! "this is not an embrace, but a letting go", Yes!! Have a beautiful weekend!


  4. I love the imagery here and the idea of sand flowing, like life and love. Beautiful.

  5. Beautiful words.
    There is love in the freedom, and freedom in being in love.

  6. A perfect description of this word, beautifully expressed.

  7. like the freedom of your poem and the photo is excellent. it moves...

  8. Ohhh this is beautiful! I wasn't sure which blog to come to, so started with this one. What an evocative poem...

  9. Anonymous10:10 PM

    beautiful words Sandy!

  10. your words took me there, thank you~

  11. Drift. Create. Be.
    This is not an embrace
    But a letting go.
    Call it love. Call it freedom.

    Amazing lines and some great lessons, here.. Thank you Sandy...

  12. well done it freedom made it complete!

  13. Call it love put in words.

    Floated with it.

    Thank you Sandy.

  14. love is freedom, freedom is love.

  15. Your words offer such release...oh, to feel that freedom. Gorgeous poem!

  16. oh-so dreamy, and haunting

  17. Anonymous6:48 PM

    What a joy to 'dive into this dream' during the middle of the night. May time and life bright it to light. Please have a good start into the new week.

    daily athens

  18. Anonymous6:55 PM

    This is such a beautiful poem! I love your take on the prompt.


  19. lovely imagery,
    your poem is timeless.

    Glad to Land at your magical poetry land today,
    How are you?

    Love your poetry talent, Please join us at Jingle Poetry Monday potluck tonight,
    First time participants can link in 1 to 3 old poems, poems unrelated to our theme are welcome!

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    Happy Sunday/Monday,
    Hope to see you in.

  20. This was lovely Sandy. Nothing more beautiful.

  21. Love the poem. Especially the last stanza.

  22. What a heartfelt poem- you always know exactly what I am thinking. But the "letting go" and freedom is just so very hard at times. By the way- loved the pics on the other post- the gingerbread houses are to die for as are that snowflake picture. Have a wonderful week Sandy!


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