If You've Got the Time, I've Got the Calendar

Buying a calendar is not just buying a calendar anymore.

Now you've got to bond with the WhoeverItIs.com that manufactured the thing like you're friends.

Or something.

Buying from leads to bonding with. So it goes in the age of social networking. We invite everyone up for a night cap.

For example. I bought a very old-school pocket calendar for myself at Barnes & Noble in December before the big mark downs. I just wanted one so I could make a decent effort at not forgetting all the dates that I have a habit of comprehensively screwing up year after year.

I had wanted the Moleskine I had seen at Border's, but there were non on deck at B&N, so I settled for the one the cashier said was near the coffee, which I didn't want but which put me in the cozy, happy mood to buy something because it was so near the coffee. 

The Ecosystem calendar published by sterlingpublising.com stayed in its wrapper until after Christmas--which is to say Monday.  I'm not good with calendars. 

When I took the celophane wrapper off the thing, I was prepared to add all the dates I had already missed (for next year), but I was sidetracked by the biography of my calendar printed inside the book. This was an explanation of the recycled nature of the journal on the front cover and the unique number of my very own journal printed inside the back cover. If I went to the publisher's web site and typed in that number, the book said, I would find out what the thing was made of and could register it in case I lost it.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I said to my daughter as I went to the Sterling Web site.

"Nobody's forcing you, mom," she laughed.

"I know," I said.  "I can't believe I'm curious about this."

Anyway. I went through the paces just becase, as my daughter said at the beginning of this thing (though I did not give her credit), buying a calendar is not just buying a calendar anymore.

When I registered my blank little date book at Ecosystem Life, I learned where the pages, the covers, the binding, the ribbon book mark, and the elastic were made. I learned how many people work at the places where these things were accomplished. In short, I learned that almost 150 of my New Englander neighbors and some folks in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin made my datebook. My $10 played a role in their employment.

Buying a calendar is not just buying a calendar anymore. Now you can't rip off the wrapper without knowing you hold lives in your hand. The real world, the one you can touch, is a cool place.  

And, oh. What are you going to do with that wrapper?
PS I thought later this sounds like one of those paid-for posts. It isn't. I just love that this publishing company invites its customers to think of how many people are affected by their purchases. Worth thinking about.


  1. better recycle the wrapper and keep others employed...lol!

  2. That's remarkable. A big part of their business plan is ultra transparency on their recycling and domestic employment and such.

  3. Just before I sat down here, I was taking the tag off a pair of gloves and said to myself how sick I am of seeing "Made in China". Then I came here. I feel better and I'm heading to the website. This is good. :)

  4. Calendars are necessary evils. What did they used to do without them? Did you pick a pretty day in summer to celebrate your birthday because you were told you were born on a pretty day in summer? Or did they do like I do, even though I know when my birthday is marked on the calendar, celebrate being born a whole month or two. ?? tee hee. Have a great weekend.

  5. Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  6. Wonderful story - wonderful sentiment.

    Sometimes it's nice to think that a calendar just isn't a calendar any more!

  7. So far I have been able to avoid a long-term commitment to my calendars. I have never thought of myself as fickle, but I'm in no hurry to change the situation.

  8. Gosh, I just take the one that the Feed and Seed folks give me and go with it. It has pictures of cats, dogs, foxes and something that looks suspiciously like a jackalope. I'll have to tear that page out when the month of November comes along. It's too creepy by half.

  9. I like it. Thanks for taking the time to look into it.

    I am progressively getting worse at keeping dates and times straight.

    Have a good weekend, Sandy. Did you have school today? We were off.

  10. So many companies do that sort of thing, these days. Not quite in this way though. It's quite a step above simply bombarding the customer with online contests or coupons to perpetuate the connection between them.

    Interesting word verification "lingersc" .. the calendar company want you to visit their page and linger, SC. ;)

  11. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Recycling..yeah the best option...
    And tht doesn't sound like one of those publizing posts..its more like when you actually be out there to buy these things...reality creeps in and you feel WOW...the world definitely has changed a lot..and with too much to offer..

  12. What a marvelous journey they took you on. I would have been curious too!
    Very cool!


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