One Single Impression: Calmed

Inside a Dog
Suggests that I listen to this room
As if I were a dog

Slow down a minute and listen
What do you hear?

The furnace generating heat
The toilet running slightly
The light bulb burning yellow softly

The crows are saying the snow is melting
And I hear the warmth of my flannel sheets
Sending my own heat back to my skin
I hear my breath and heart
My pulse in my thumb

I hear an avalanche when I turn the page
To read on
To find out
Just what happened.

We can take this only so far
The book says
Because after all you are not a dog.

But I get it:
What of the living universe do I hear?
What do I leave out?

I'll answer later.

Right now, calmed
I hear it all;
I want it all.

One Single Impression


  1. Sandy you have way with words. What a wonderful poem and so true. Happy New Year. =)

  2. Perfect for the beginning of the new year, Sandy.

  3. I love it, especially:
    "Slow down a minute and listen
    What do you hear?"

    I like to go in the backyard and lay down and just listen. It sounds like silence at first but gradually I can hear kids playing, people talking, cars driving by, planes flying overhead, and the freeway a couple miles away, and a bunch of other stuff. Just by being still and listening. Your poem captured that for me.

  4. No one says it better, Sandy, and like Yogi, I love the line "Slow down a minute and listen, What do you hear?" We all need to do that and I do in particular because it is a difficult time and I need to remember this and I will. Thank you. Have a beautiful start to your year!


  5. So nicely said. Your poem helps me slow down, listen and let the Universe speak to me. Thank you Sandy.

  6. A lovely start to the New Year. May it be a beautiful one for you.

  7. Happy New Year Sandy ! I have been MIA for awhile but I am coming out of my fog. I love this post ~ reminds me of how I am trying to live. May 2011 treat you with kindness and be filled with happiness, love and peace. Take care.

  8. wonderful idea
    and your words brought calm as I read them
    i find you to be wise

    lovely 2011 to you dear lady~

  9. Yes...I want it all too!! I come!!!!
    Happy New Year and God bless

  10. Oh, this was so beautiful...the power of living in the moment. It seems so easy, yet it's so hard to do. Yet when we manage to do it, life becomes precious and magnified. I love your words!

  11. "And I hear the warmth of my flannel sheets
    Sending my own heat back to my skin"

    This is an amazing line! We shold all slow down and listen better!

  12. Listening to the universe is so important. Great words.
    By the way, I'm back blogging. I couldn't stay away for long. And with a new blog.

  13. Anonymous6:20 PM

    This surely will follow me ears and thoughts for a while Thank you very much !

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  14. I love the listening, embedding of life outside as it merges with the inner. Wonderful!

  15. Anonymous6:37 PM

    yes please i'll take it all....

  16. I love this- a dog, indeed!What a wonderful lesson for us all to slow it down and just listen; just listen! We go back to school tomorrow and I must say, not that I am ready, but I am calmed, for the moment. Lets see how long that lasts... Hope all goes well for you as you return too.

  17. You've awakened the senses with this poem...I am rathered intrigued by this book. Nicely written.


    This is a wonderful way of discovering all the little things that are oblivious to the most of us.

    You definitely do better off than our old (14) dog, Adi (her meme)
    . She can't hear a thing any more. Fortunately she can still see and smell. And loves to be scratched.

  19. very deep Sandy the imagery is great I could hear that toilet running against the silence in my head ... terrific!

  20. I enjoyed this poem Sandy. I often have every noise maker turned off in the house and I sit in the relative silence. I have often wondered what Luna hears when she give the window a dirty look and moves. Or when she trots to another room when we are sitting together in silence. What little noise made her move? Silence is calming to me.

  21. Beautiful thought provoking write Sandy.. I have missed your feedback on my OSI Poems.. specially..

  22. oh yes, I can hear the universe when the mind is calm :) very beautiful verse, Sandy :D

    My Survival for OSI Calmed


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