One Single Impression: Carnival

You climb
The few stairs
Bolted uncertainly
To the soft earth

And you are gone from me

Tossed into space that blurs
The world
Into an impossible rainbow

Turns the treetops
Into the swaying cradle
Of your fleeting dreams

Makes you the queen of a sky
Out of which stars fall into your open hands.

Your voice makes music
Of pure delight.

Down here
I hold your prizes from the arcade games
Your bags of taffy and kettle corn
Your few remaining coins

And the sweater
I insisted on.
(The walk to the car is always cold.)

In minutes
You will return,
Having tested the bond
Between our worlds.

It holds.
It brings you back

It keeps me

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” (Rumi)

One Single Impression


  1. Isn't this the truth. All we can do is prepare them for the ups and downs of life. Then, sit back and hope their ride takes them to the top without many lows. Your photo is beautiful. I love all of those colors.

  2. perfect capture of the relationship we have with our children...

  3. A pure beautful thought and look on life full of love.

  4. What a beatiful poem. Happy/sad feelings emerge as I think about the many bond testing moments with my daughter.

  5. without love our world seems to be useless. so great for sharing that piece sandy.

  6. What a wonderful description of the bonds of love.

  7. That Rumi. . .

    that YOU!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  8. Love and life are one and the same, both require courage.;)
    Lovely words for a laid back Sunday morning.;)

  9. Yes our children test the bonds of earth and they travel back and forth and up and down. Each time, returning to our arms and our hearts just melt!! Fun to see them grow and experience life. And the pure joy on their faces at the carnival...rapturous!!
    Lovely words hun!!

  10. This left me breathless...stunning words! I especially loved this:

    Turns the treetops
    Into the swaying cradle
    Of your fleeting dreams

  11. Such bonding. Concrete. Tactile.


  12. Excellent description of the bond.

  13. Very fine and harmonious. Beautiful poem indeed.

  14. Anonymous6:56 PM

    sigh. thank you for making me to read this, bleaching me mind afterwards, thank you for this peace.

    please have a wonderful start of the new week.

    daily athens

  15. Fun post Sandy, loved the cobra capture.

  16. Beautiful imagery and mystery. Love it. Still rolling the lines around in my brain like carousel horses!

  17. Beautiful and a wonderful quote at the end. I always feel good after reading your blog.

  18. Sandy,
    this is quite beautiful and more.
    I hope you put this in a book for your daughter for later in life, for it is a treasure.

  19. This is beautiful!

  20. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I love it. It captures the nature of so many relationships, and the power of the strands that keep us connected even as we let go and are separated. (Stopping by from the One Single Impression roundup)

  21. Oh Sandy- you did not disappoint! That was exquisite- and EXACTLY how I have felt watching Molly test her bonds. I loved this- thank you!

  22. You'll follow for a long time, Sandy. We will follow ours yet another time in about a month.
    Mrs. Jim and I had a nice Ferris wheel ride a month ago.
    Our Ferris wheel ride.
    I hope you can brave the snow and cold alright one more time up there. :)


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