Review: Sonic and our Favorite Gas Station

Adella and I were feeling hungry as we rolled into Wilmington, North Carolina, the other day, so we pulled into Sonic for the first time.


We were ready for a great meal. Everyone says "Sonic's is bangin'"--from my parents to the girl who used to sit in the front row of my class and sleep last year--except for the time she lifted her said to offer a review of the food at Sonic. So we were ready for great.


Dell ordered chicken and a bunch of other stuff. She put her best bud in his crate before the food came.

IMG 5505

When the food came, we ate. When the guy on inline skates came back for me, we kept right on.


IMG 5512

Later, while we were walking around Wilmington, we had our after-dinner mints.

IMG 5516

And then I asked the big question. How, I asked, does Sonic compare to the gas station we love and live for as we make our way through Pennsylvania every time we come to this most delightful of places? How does Sonic compare to Sheetz? I asked.


No comparison. The fries are crispier and lighter and hotter, and the pina colada smoothie is to die for--or stand on for a while, it's so think.  Truth be told, friends, we prefer the gas station to the drive-in--though we wouldn't turn away from either place probably ever. We like junk food. In fact, we love it. Nothing really beats heat and salt and grease. It's good. It's the best treat.

Once in a while it's good, but it's really good at Sheetz. 'Til next time, Pennsylvania!


  1. You just have to have junk food at least once a week...I'm do for a hamburger tomorrow!

  2. My dietitian tells me that I only have to be good 70% of the time. So one meal every two days you can indulge a little bit.

    Sonic is headquartered here in Oklahoma so I am very familiar with them but now I'm intrigued about your gas station. I'll be checking it out if I ever get near it.

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    I like the old fashion days when the gas attendant fought over to service my parents cars. they were paid by commission. Now we have to do everything ourselves.

  4. How's the family of the boy who died? This holidays would be hard for them.

  5. It's funny, I grew up with Sonic, ate there more with my parents than I ever did as a grown up. But since we moved to Wisconsin we didn't have one and we missed it, lol. We used to stop and eat at one on our way to visit family in MO, but now there's one near and I'm back to only every now and then, lol. Love the chili dog. :)

    Happy New Year!

  6. Oh I wold love to experience this.;) This is what "fast food" really means.;)
    I recall from our long car trips in the US how we would love to stop by all the fast food places - burgers never tasted so good as on trips.;) I believe once in a while we should eat food like that as well.;) I am sure there is something beneficial in it.;)

  7. Love their onion rings!!!!!

    Maneki Neko [My macro Link]

    Do stop by to visit if you can. Have a great day.

  8. Hehe! I enjoyed this review even though I have never heard of Sonic before.

  9. I haven't been to Sonic in ages, even though I have one 2 blocks from my house. I love their shakes.

  10. You've made me hungry! Now I'm going to have to stop at Sonic the next time we're in Crossville.

  11. Funny. I don't like Sonic as good as some of the other fast food places.


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