Strange. Bread.

We save cold toast
In the fridge
With things that

Unlike toast

Do well cold.

Because we make our own bread.

We save cold toast
The way we save duplicate photos
And the blurry ones
And the bad ones

That manage to capture


Of someone we love.

Take our bread from the fridge;

Taste our world.


  1. I figured you saved that bread for the dog so he will have lots of energy for sledding and great adventures.

  2. Very nice and I know exactly what you mean Today I found pictures and was doing just that saving the toast, making collages and sending them to my son so he remembers his life. What a life he had.

  3. Yes I too save the blurry and faded color photos! There is always something there!! Always!!

  4. What a wonderful, revealing poem Sandy, excellent. Food (no pun intended) for thought!

    PS: Can you supply the correct link to your poetry book that I have, I am posting about it soon, thanks.

    I'm back to blogging as of today.

    Hugs, G

  5. Interesting way to look at bread! Can I have a bite?


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