Book Review: Anansi's Boys by Neil Gaiman

Anansi Boys

Anansi's Boys are Fat Charlie Nancy and Spider. Fat Charlie is an entry-level accountant in England engaged to a nice girl with a mean mother whose highest aspiration is to shake off the Fat from his name. Spider is a free spirit whose every move he makes with the sole purpose of pleasing himself.

The brothers' lives intersect after Anansi, who is a trickster God, dies in Florida and Fat Charlie goes home for his funeral. There, the old ladies who shaped his early life break him in on the truths that will undo Fat Charlie's world and allow him to remake it.

Anansi's boys will travel in and out of the underworld as they put together the pieces of their father's story in order to make sense of their own and therefore survive.

Gaiman's book blends the mundane with the magical to create a book that is as witty as it is out of this world as it is true to the life of the heart and mind.

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  1. sounds interesting to read...

  2. Oh I love books like that.
    Need to keep an eye out for it.:)

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I agree with Lin..
    Sounds interesting to read!!
    Keep blogging...:)

  4. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Have to admit, that I can't even remember when last time I finished reading a book ... Please have a good Wednesday you all.

    daily athens

    (Will write you during Wednesday. Thank you.)

  5. I read this a while back and was very entertained

  6. Hmmm! This book sounds intriguing. Must put it on my list...which is huge now! Ha!


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