Skywatch Friday: Fallen Sun

surf city

Here in Connecticut there is no sky. No, indeed. The sky has been replaced with a very low, very grey ceiling that admits no light. Every minute of the day looks like 4 o'clock on a late December afternoon.

It's not a bad thing. It's just winter. January and, now, early February have a way of impersonating December so that you hardly notice the days really are getting longer. It is a trick of the light, to be sure. When the snow stops falling and the days grow warmer, the light will seem so bright and intense that--well. We will very likely sing for joy.

Here is a picture of the December light illuminating a walkway in Surf City, North Carolina, and nothing else.

Skywatch Friday


  1. Light often plays tricks. We need a little light in all that we do.

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Ah yes - I recognize that light only so well... I too sing for joy when the sun comes out.

    Your photo makes it look gorgeous!

  3. Like ladyfi, I do recognize that so well and I, too, will sing for joy when the sun returns, but your photos always make everything look beautiful, Sandy, even gray, grumpy skies!! Have a great weekend! Stay warm!!


  4. I'm craving sun right now, we've had so little lately, here in BC. On the Prairies, we got tons of sun, even in winter. It does affect a person's mood, doesn't it?

    Hope all is well, G

  5. I can tell that the days are getting longer. Today here the sun is shining even though it is only 11F. Brrrrrr

  6. Wonderful view of winter day.

  7. Blue skies can't be too far off Sandy. We have one today!

  8. Beautiful shot Sandy. I hope you get some blue in CT soon.

  9. I'm about ready for some spring sunshine!

  10. Oh dear! It sounds so much like Ontario! BUT we have blue skies maybe you do too. :)

  11. We have the same skies and the same light down here in Tennessee this time of the year. I enjoy your thoughts on February and I, too, look forward to some bright Spring sunshine.

  12. I gosh! North Carolina. Iremember trying to drive through there once.
    It was night time and we were on our way to Florida. and then Sheesh the rain started.
    It was like an endless bucket of water was falling over our car. We could not see anything. We could not pull over cause people would not see us.
    I was driving about 10km/hr and my two guys were sleeping.
    I finally found a place safe to stop. It was an experience I will never forget.

  13. Wonderful post, Sandy! Here's to hoping we will all be singing for joy soon!

  14. I concur. I've heard it called buttermilk sky and most recently concrete sky. . .I think that about covers it.
    Thanks for sharing N. Carolina so at least I can dream of no snow.
    Have a great weekend, Sandy.

  15. think spring,,,it will return

  16. Hope soon your days grow warmer, and the light brighter.

  17. After dark days like this light is always welcome.

  18. this afternoon felt like such a fantastic gift here in NH as the clouds finally rolled away the blue returned. I love the somber tone of your photo...I think we need these days too, good for inner contemplation.

  19. Obviously you are a friend of the light, Sandy

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    Gung Hee Fat Choy!


    Good Luck in the
    Year of the Golden Rabbit!

  20. It may be too cold but you made a terrific shot.

    Happy SWF!

    My SKY.

  21. Nice shot. One of those I had to study on a little bit.

    I haven't quite figured out why the days are getting longer but the weather gets colder after the Winter Solstice.

  22. so peaceful and quiet...:)
    Check out my Skywatch Entry as well. Have followed your blog, hope you do the same. Thanks!

  23. Those lighted windows in the dark are amazing!


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