Today's Flowers: Through the Portal, Grace



These are photos of George Bennett Park in Southbury, Connecticut, from last summer. This little park on Route 67 sits alongside the Pomperaug River and offers cool, green respite on a summer's day. It's a great place to lie down and listen to the river or to photograph wildflowers, or to look up and wonder how the clouds do what they do. It's a nice little place.

Today's Flowers


  1. This portal does invite you into what appears as the fairy ring. I can see them dancing in the expanse of lawn as the wildflowers watch on the sidelines. Soon you will be able to enter that world.

  2. I would like to spend time in that little park.

  3. Wildflowers are my favorite.;) These images could have been taken in my surroundings - thank you for a preview of summers green on a very cold winters day.;)

  4. Nice. I will have to try that park soon.

  5. I love the expanse of green in the first shot and the wildflowers are lovely.

  6. i remember is raining here today-so happy it isn't snowing.

  7. What a beautiful, serene place. It must give you great pleasure to visit there.

  8. Anonymous10:14 AM

    What a wonderful place to visit. So green, so serene.

  9. So pretty!

    Blooms of Syclamen, have a blessed Sunday!

  10. invigorating greens! wonderful photos.

  11. It's so very green and makes me long for summer. Lovely photos of a beautiful palce.

  12. Refreshingly beautiful!
    Happy new week dear one.

  13. These are so green and so pretty!

  14. Oh, I do love the green color! And what a lovely little park! I, too, would love to lay on the grass and watch the skies and enjoy the lovely flowers! Delightful captures, Sandy, as always! At least we do have sun today and blue skies for the third day in a row!!! Chilly, but beautiful! Enjoy your day, Sandy!


  15. that park looks enchanting! we have a similar place close to where i live, it's up a hill and stays cool all summer.
    Can't wait to see Queen Anne's lace again...they make delicious jelly.

  16. Can't wait until we can take advantage of these lovely little places again.

  17. Trees in our parks...
    I love them!!
    Thank you for your pictures.
    Trees are sanctuaries.
    Whoever knows how to speak to them,
    whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.
    They do not preach learning and precepts,
    they preach
    undeterred by particulars,
    the ancient law of life.
    - Hermann Hesse, Wandering

  18. Sandy you are so very gracious. I love your blog.

  19. I can hear the river.

  20. I think I would enjoy this park very much. It's good to have a place where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and enjoy the beauty of creation.

  21. It is a nice little place! A good place to sit and contemplate life. There seems to be a new "trend"--more and more people are posting pics of flowers or "green" places. We must all want Spring to get here soon. Mickie

  22. sweet

    Aloha from Honolulu
    So SORRY I've been missing too long!

    Comfort Spiral


  23. My Mom loved those prety white flowers.
    She called them kakashka. I would wonder why and never knew lol

  24. Looks like a sweet little park, nice blooms too. Spring will come eventually - right? You have been getting some of this snow too, haven't you?


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