Book Review: Carolina's Story

Carolina's Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too!Carolina's Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too! by Donna Rathmell

Carolina's Story, Sea Turtles Get Sick Too! by Donna Rathmell is a photographic essay the narrative of which describes the rescue of a turtle suffering from the flu from her first moments with a rescue team to the turtle hospital, to her return to the ocean. Carolina, who is a loggerhead, made a full recovery thanks to the Sea Turtle Hospital and the folks at the South Carolina Aquarium.

During her time at the hospital, Carolina came to recognize the people and the routines of the hospital, bonding with the people around her and with the other turtles. The book shows that turtles are sentient beings; love is not the private proprety of human experience but something that shapes all life.

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  1. The photos at the top are very beautiful! I have wondered, do you think the turtle will think of the people who helped her? Will she remember, when she swims free? I think she will, I think they have fantastic memories....long after we have forgotten, they will remember....

  2. I don't know what it is about sea turtles but people (including this people) get very attached to them.

    There is a green sea turtle rescue station at South Padre Island in Texas. It's must see for us when we visit.

  3. every living creature has a spirit...

  4. Nice post. Reminds me of one of our sons when he was younger. He had a small turtle pond in his bedroom.He loved them. I was puzzled. Now I undesrtood.

  5. This sounds like a touching story, probably one I'd be crying through as I read though. I'm such a softie when it comes to animals, all shapes, types and species!!! I think it's beautiful that you have such an affinity for turtles. They are interesting creatures, often overlooked.

    Speaking of book reviews, I'm wondering if you've read this one?


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