Craig Lundwall: I Miss You

From Flowers
The daffodils are coming up at my parents' after a long, steep, cold winter. Years ago I planted many of the bulbs that are thriving today. (I remember dad asking me if I'd come over after work and help him plant 500 bulbs. "Sure," I said. It sounded like nothing, but then sticking those bulbs in the rocky, unyielding ground made the task a challenge and a half. I planted many but far and away not all of those bulbs.)  I love seeing them blossom ever spring. They are my favorite flower. 

Noticing them today and thinking of you, I recalled that spring was not your favorite season, that winter was with its bright sunshine and crisp blues and whites. Spring seems such a dull evaporating of winter into something else. A time between times. I think of you on the anniversary of your passing, Craig. I think of what you loved. It is no wonder. You, too, were a bright light. A strong personality. A presence. Every year at this time I think the winter you loved feeds the daffodils I love, makes change possible.

Damn it all, though, I miss you.


  1. It's hard to lose a friend and the hole that it leaves in our heart, our life never completely heals -- there's always that space that belongs just for them. Enjoy your evening, Sandy, and had a great tomorrow!


  2. What a beautiful tribute!!
    I love daffodils too!
    So bright and cheery!

  3. Beautiful tribute to your friend, Sandy. I read back to previous posts you wrote on this date. I'm sorry for your heartbreaking loss.

  4. We never forget those we love. It is good to remember.

  5. Anonymous6:21 PM

    may love negate time and distance.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a good friend. What a handsome man. Hugs to you dear and good thoughts to Craig. He is enjoying winter in another place now.

  7. Like Hilary, I too am sorry for your loss, Sandy.


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