Header Challenge: Flight

This week's header challenge, flight, brings to mind all those wonderful creatures I often find myself waiting to take off.  All that breath-holding that goes on when I am out for a walk and come upon some beautiful bird that I hope has not noticed me and will linger long enough for me to admire a bit.  This blue heron at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina, seemed unbothered by me and Adella last summer. We got off two whole shots before he blew!

Please stop by the other headbangers LannyimacGailsman, Tom-fishing guy and Sandy,  to see how they make do… for their headers.


  1. Beautiful capture - I love the shimmering water surface as well, looks like liquid silver.;)
    Take care dear Sandy,

  2. We had our falcon circling the sky distressing the black birds.
    Spring is here.And we had a huge hail storm covering the street with ice pebbles.

  3. Beautiful shot of a magnificent bird!!

  4. I think the birds on the right of your header need to practice their formation flying a bit. A great selection of shots in your header they work really well together.

  5. Anonymous6:23 AM

    So beautiful! I saw one take off this morning in graceful flight...

  6. You got a great picture of the blue heron, and I really like your flight header.

  7. Your header looks like scenes from a ornithological version of Top Gun!

  8. One of my favourite birds. They tend to get less skittish as summer wears on. I love the header.

  9. Sandy: Beautiful post and story, I am enthralled by the Great Blue Heron and all its antics. Love your pelican flights.


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