Header Challenge: Expressions

From Jun 28, 2011

I like Dave's header challenge for this week because it is wide open. We're sure to get a range of responses. I am stretching expressions to an act of expression that I came across at the Food Lion in Surf City today. I had to get out the handy-dandy point-and-shoot for this guy. I think he has a point--but my inner, vacationing, reading teacher woke up to this one, and I am wondering if it's possible to have a legitimate point if you can't spell. Your thoughts?

(Please visit the bloggers listed under the banner for their take on the challenge of "expressions.")


  1. I love your header. That crab has a definite expression of anger to have been disturbed by a giant. The wave does look very fishy. I think maybe the fellow might not want to show his intelligence by not spelling everything correct. tee hee... just kidding.

  2. LOL! Even before I read your post I thought spelling FAIL. Poor guy. I always kind of cringe when I see things like this.

    My biggest one is a restaurant in my home town that sells ribs.

    The sign on the front of the restaurant reads, "RIB'S"

    A thrift shop here in town reads "YOUR'S, MINE and OURS".

    I try not to be a grammar snob and I know I make stupid grammatical errors all the time. Most of the time it is just laziness but if I am going to post something on a sign I am going to make sure I use proper punctuation.

  3. Full of expressions Sandy, very neat Header and post my friend.

  4. I love it. He definitely has the score right.

  5. Sandy: Enjoyed your header with some neat ties to the theme. I'm so surprised that the van could have so much expression.


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