One Single Impression: Miss

Driving along New River Inlet Road
To the stop
Before the bridge
That is the first step to far away
I do not miss
The smell of the ocean
Or the taste of salt
Or even the light crystallized in the foam
As the heat of morning
Dissolves the mist
And the moment
Becomes clear.

None of this
Do I miss;

I take it with me.

Instead, I miss a sensation that will not travel:

The feel of the damp sand
Inches below the warm surface
Cold and
Halfway to where the hermit crabs make their home
At the center of the earth.

I miss the digging in,
The rooted feeling,
The being home.


  1. Lovely poem which speaks a lot of truth.
    Mad Kane

  2. Yes, that wonderful feeling of comfort and security, being home is truly missed.

  3. Even when we try to forget home, we end up missing it even more.

    Lovely write.

  4. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I like how you clarify what you do not miss by how you take it with you. And what you DO miss is just incredible... odd, the things we carry and the things we can't.

  5. Such a nice concept, Sandy. We don't have to miss (name the item or person) as we can take it with us.

    I don't visualize but still I have memories with concepts. So I suppose I could take things or persons with me. Just don't ask for a police drawing.

  6. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Oh Sandy, I suddenly miss that feeling of chasing and digging that hermit crab...where'd it go now?

    Simple thoughts which gave profound feelings to readers like me! Lovely!

    Miss you Sandy,


  7. So true true! And heartfelt!!

  8. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I've lived by or close to water all my life. I cannot imagine not being near to it and water has always mattered to me.I love its sounds, its movement, I love its power and its gentleness and its song. It can be a river, stream, ocean, sea, or even rain. Love it all.
    You've captured your love of it here too, lovely prose. I could almost feel the sand squishing between my toes! LOL

  9. Anonymous10:52 AM

    This is so beautiful poignant and sincere. Memorable visuals are so wonderful.

  10. I loved the way you took it forward.. it's very beautiful..

  11. thoughtful.
    love your style of poetry.

  12. Anonymous1:19 PM

    interesting way to appreciate and miss something...!!

  13. The flow of the poem is just awesome!
    Especially last few verses took a different momentum.
    very well written.

  14. This is lovely. I know how much you love the ocean, its sand and its creatures. What a wonderful home you have. Sorry that you miss it. Hope you get to live there some time.

  15. Sandy, your poem is so beautiful. I love all the imagery of the beach. It is so inviting.

  16. Lovely Sandy, sometimes no one can match your writing style it has a way of making the depth and beauty in life so clear!

  17. Very nicely captured sentiment.It a few simple words your poem has been able to convey so many feelings.Well written.

  18. Ah, to be feeling at home! That is all one wants!


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