One Single Impression: Seven Sins

It tops the list Of the seven deadlies
Our favorite to talk about
To grow warm over, to squirm and to blush
And look away....

The noun form means desire, pleasure,
A condition or state of being playful,
Any source of pleasure and delight.

An appetite.

A liking for a person.

Also, fertility (of soil).

The verb:
To please,
To delight.

Call it good
And then open your Bible
And see it as a bad thing:

A strong sexual desire.
Merely this,
An overwhelmingly bad thing
That gets in the way of spiritual progress.

Whatever that means.

Let the people say


And be playful,
Have an appetite
To please and be pleased.

Let's do it.

One Single Impression


  1. your mind and heart are on a great journey!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral




  2. As we all take this journey together!
    Let us be glad and rejoice in it!

  3. are we talking about what I think we are? the bible is so strong about it because of the need to control desires outside of marriage is my!

  4. something the Bible will strongly remind us of what we can get out of it.

  5. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Naughty, yet neat!!
    Lustful desires are like little narrow streams..they try to get to us somehow and leave us when it's work's done..;)

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    totally fair when the intention is pure!

  7. You've taken this prompt on an intriguing journey! Well done Sandy.

    Enjoy all that sand, lucky you! G

  8. I love this, Sandy!

  9. Well, Sandy. I am glad that you picked this 'sin' to pick on. You were pretty thorough in a teasing and little bit senuous way. I was surpised about the soil fertility part.
    Thank you teach! :)
    I could say more but my inhibitions have stopped me.

  10. I like the poem, its fun and teasing; I really had a very different, quite antithetical image of "lust" in my mind (to me it implied lack of mutuality, force, etc.), but I'm willing to think about it differently.

  11. Anonymous10:45 AM

    (I think) Sin depends on the believer who thinks it is or, the non believer who doesn't see their behaviour as sinful at all.
    We humans are a strange beast. We like to put a label on everything and think it 'must' conform or, it is wrong.
    Very nice take on it and lovely prose.

  12. Hi Sandy!! I loved your take on this- and I use that word a lot for the appetite and pleasing- not as a sin. I struggled with this prompt- not a bad thing- but it was a challenge! Hope your Beach Days are well under way!

  13. To please and be pleased. Mantra for a beautiful life.


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