Writing in Faith: Changing Gears

As a kid watching Gilligan's Island (over and over again), I had to wonder about the place(s) those folks were going to on their three-hour tour. They wanted outta here for a little while, but their lives were pretty good. So where...

I have wondered. And I have wondered what would become of me if I were suddenly unmoored, adrift.

Wondering that, I have cut myself free to wander and explore for the summer. I wil visit your blogs and comment as I have Internet access, but I need a change of scenery. I will be back. For now, though, adieu.
The wild fire in Holly Ridge, North Carolina, has been raging for days, filling the air from here to Viginia Beach, Virginia, with untold filth. Yesterday, I was about the only person on the beach in the morning, and the smoke in the air hung like a curtain.

From Jun 22, 2011

I have no idea who this guy in the white shorts is in the photo below, but I took his photo to make the point that his own mother wouldn't recognize him in this mucky air. My dad's landscaper tells me the local authorities decided to let the fire burn since no homes were in jeopardy "except that now lots of homes are in jeopardy." People are evacuating the county.

From Jun 22, 2011

Meanwhile, we swim and walk among the debris of the fire.

From Jun 22, 2011


  1. Oh how awful.
    Life is so depressing it just wants to make you run away.
    And then the water in Souris river is flooding both Canada and the US.
    We talk global warming but there is more to it than that. The moon is moving and probably our planet is as well and so the discrepancy in weather.

  2. Fires are awful, to me, and to all that is burned... are they natural? Are they part of the plan?

  3. Those image are still beuatiful, even if the reality behind them is anything but pleasant. Air filled with heavy smoke and smog is terrible....
    Good luck on your own exploration. We all have these times in our life when we need to be left alone and not express what we feel at all times.;)
    I am soon heading off on break myself.
    Have a lovely weekend dear Sandy,

  4. I am in New Mexico and we have about 7 fires burning around here. The air quality has been awful!! And added to that is the smoke and debris from the Arizona fire!! Yuck!!
    Hope they get them all out and soon!!
    We need rain...desperately!!!

  5. have a lovely summer, avoid the fires-they are raging in the southwest too...

  6. For goodness sakes. I hadn't heard about the fire. How awful that you have to deal with the results. I hope your Dad's place isn't in jeopardy. Have fun on your sabbatical. I hope you find some clean air.

  7. I'm surprised the ocean breeze isn't blowing the smoke West. Hopefully they will get it under control soon and you will have some clean air to breathe.

    So many fires in so many places :(

    Enjoy your walks...I would love to be there!

  8. Interesting post. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  9. What a nice atmosphere, beautiful views!

  10. hurricane warning, and you and the sole man had a rendezvous?


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