Book Review: Literacy Instruction for Today's Classroom

Literacy Instruction for Today's ClassroomLiteracy Instruction for Today's Classroom by Susan Nelson Wood

Literacy Instruction for Today's Classroom, Implementing Strategies Based on 20 Scholars and Their Ideas by Susan Nelson Wood, Sharilyn C. Steadman, and John S. Simmons is the answer to my prayers as a middle school remedial reading teacher looking for strategies to reach kids who resist engagement in the classroom.

The book explains the theories of the scholars whose works have shaped literacy instruction for the past century and then provides cases that show how those theories are put into practice in the classroom to create exciting, interactive, engaging lessons that help student think more deeply about text and own their learning.

Each of the chapters containing a theory and an example of the theory in practice is brief and practical. As I read, I could see myself employing these strategies in my classroom. As I reflected on my students of last year, I could also see how employing these strategies could have made my instruction more meaningful for the kids who seemed preoccupied with their own thoughts. The quality of engagement these practices describe would have pulled their beautiful young minds into the here and now, I am sure.

This excellent resource also includes an appendix listing Web sites that support the practices described in the book and are cross-referenced to those lessons. After I finished reading the book, I went to the sites that interested me most, and there I found even more lesson plan ideas and resources that made reading exciting.

Published by Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc., Literacy Instruction for Today's Classroom is another example of this publishing house's practical teacher resources that address the challenges of today's public school classroom and suggest viable, deeply meaningful solutions.

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  1. what a find for a seeking teacher who is on vacation!


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