Header Challenge: Landfill

From August 21, 2011

Stewart's header challenge of the week is "landfill." Driving through Virginia and Pennsylvania the other day, Adella and I rolled past plenty of landfills parading as gentle, grassy hills abutting the interstates. The scenery was bucolic in every way but aroma. Egads. Some landscapes really do need "Excuse me!" billboards mounted on them. I probably drove my fastest through these grass-strewn garbage dunes.

They brought to mind the landfill in New Milford, Connecticut, where I worked as a reporter many years ago. At the time, the landfill seemed to be the highest point in that hilly town. When it was retired, its creators--Waste Management--suggested it would make a lovely golf course with a little grass seed and a few pipes to channel the methane gas.

Closer to home--I mean heart--my daughter and I discovered a make-shift landfill alongside a turtle nest on North Topsail Beach. Some local geniuses buried 18 empty beer bottles right alongside the thing. The sand-filled bottles were in the original carton. I was intrigued by the amount of effort that someone put into desecrating the landscape when the garbage can was a whole, oh, 40 feet away. Della and I dug out the bottles and threw them away. (To be fair, I suppose 40 feet might as well be 40 miles to a person with 18 bottles of beer in him or her.)

(Surreal and strange: While we were moving this litter, a woman photographed her son in front of the nest alongside the recently unearthed empties. The duo returned to the child's father, who was fishing, after crossing in front of us with our arms full of litter. It struck me as odd that they saw the wonder of the turtle nest but felt no compunction to protect the integrity of those babies' environment.)


  1. You are mother nature's friend with a lovely heart, Sandy

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >


  2. Sandy, how amazing. How sad. Makes me think of Klaus' banner, "Just pick it up!" Wish that more people would!

    BTW, I saw your comment on Arija's blog. Is MY World going to continue? I posted for it today and was surprised it was ending but I totally understand if it is.

  3. I am glad you got all of those bottles out before the hurricane hits. People are awful. My word verification is "beerp".

  4. Well done Sandy - you hit the mark with a great Header and post my friend.

  5. I'm amazed also at some people's attitude about littering. Your example is befuddling. I guess whoever buried the bottles thought they were being cute or something.

    Our last beach trip a couple weeks ago I became fascinated by the "beach squalor" that develops when a lot of people show up. I think it may be another example of the "tragedy of the commons."

  6. Sandy: Neat twist on the theme. Love the little crab.

  7. I really like your header photos. I also like the message in this post. Thank you.


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