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On Thursday after work, my daughter and I made cookies for a bake-off in her French class. How baking cookies has anything to do with learning French, I neither know nor care. All I know is we had fun with this recipe she found online to make apple spice cookies while the rains poured out of the heavens and the dog begged the afternoon away.

In my inner-city, Title I world hammered day after day by the demands of meeting levels of achievement on multiple-choice tests that come around every spring, the idea of taking time in September to make cookies for friends is delightfully liberating. It's nice to think there's a school in the world in which teachers understand that kids are kids, and achievement and progress and success depend as much on nurturing as they do on hammering them with academic activities.

Kids are kids. Letting that be and loving it for what it is can do more to help children succeed than driving them forward, worksheet after worksheet, like lemings into the sea. Standardized tests leave little time for teachers to treat kids like people. I am grateful for a teacher in my daughter's life who took that time. Thanks to that, Della and I had some time in the kitchen to road test a new recipe and find it good.


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    it is wonderful to give hand made things this !!

  2. Oh stop, you are making me hungry. Lucky girl haveing to make cookies for an assignment. :)

  3. looks delicious and one on one time with a child is never wasted...

  4. As a former teacher, I do so agree with you and seeing the changes in schools, teachers, expectations that started a number of years ago is one reason I stopped teaching and I'm just glad my kids are in their forties -- they got the best of teachers/school systems when they were young. Sadly, it is so different now for the most part.

    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!


  5. and Dell are such a special mom and daughter. Enjoy every minute. I treasure my memories with my mom.

  6. I agree. Teachers do not behave like normal people in schools with so many rules and meetings. and kids don't behave like kids.

    It's all not right and baking cookies might just be a solution to this problem lol

  7. Good for her class. We always cooked in my classes from K, 1st, 2nd and 4th grades. Teaching to the test is one thing that drove me away from teaching -- the kids missed out on so many things in life that are a part of learning.

    I have my blessing up for this week also but I can't remember how to make a clickable link. . . can you help me?

  8. baking is a lovely thing to do with our children.

  9. Yummy. The cookies look great. But what is even richer, is the time you spent with your daughter. Academics will fill her memories, but memories of you will be treasured in such a special way. Nice thoughts Sandy.

  10. Oh yummy!! They even smell good. Ha

  11. What a delicious post! Well done.
    I try not to bake cookies, as we tend to eat them. My diet fell through!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  12. HOoray for you and your daughter -- and her teacher. All that testing! My husband is so glad he retired when he did (Pre- 'NCLB' and all that rot.)


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