Blog Your Blessings on September 11

There used to be a meme called Blog Your Blessings that ran every Sunday, and I was a regular participant. It wasn't a big blogging event in the way of Wordless Wednesday or of Skywatch Friday--perhaps because it was not a photo meme but a writing one. When the meme host gave up on it, I stopped posting blessings on a weekly basis.

However, on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 massacre, I think it's time to resurrect that meme in some form. I can't change a single thing in this world today any more than I can change the past, though I would sorely love to. Embracing here and now is about all I can do. It seems to me that doing so would honor those who died on 9/11 and those whose lives were torn apart by that massacre.

Blog Your Blessings. A resurrected meme? Perhaps. Join me if you will make a habit of insisting on what is beautiful. My post:

Last week, my nephews downloaded free text with voice to their ipod touches and began texting each other, their father, and my mother. My daughter, who also has a cell phone, has gotten into the habit of texting her beloved grandmother, my mother. No doubt, she would text her grandfather except that he never gets any time with the cell phone. Grandpa gets the email, though email is not nearly as instantaneous as email. Either way, Della loves her grandparents and enjoys the communication.

Tonight, after a few hours at the Bethlehem Fair, a text came to her as we made our way home. Laughter erupted in the back of the car. "Grandma's abbreviating! She wrote 'Thx' for thanks!" Della was so proud of Gram, and she told her so--via text.

This moment on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 had me recalling how cell phones made it possible for so many people to connect with and say good-bye to their loved ones before they perished.

On that horrible day, love prevailed. Technology brought that lesson home.


  1. a very human and touching post about the generations, Sandy
    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >



  2. Anonymous1:42 AM

    A beautiful post. We have to keep on believing that love will prevail.

  3. A touching post, a tragedy that will never be forgotten.

    Stronger and wiser. We stand united with you to remember all those people who were lost and all those left behind who had their lives changed forever.

    Much love, G

    PS: I have a special post for tomorrow also at Happy Break.

  4. I can never forget the images and pain and horror of that day!!
    Touching post!

  5. This is a sweet post. It also tells us that life goes on, happily. We must go forward.

  6. Thank you Sandy. And blessings to you and your daughter.

  7. that's true about cell phones...modern technology links us but we still have to take the time to connect.

  8. Great post,
    Sometimes technology is great. I saw a couple the other night with their brand new ipad connect with their grown child in Tokyo via Skype for the first time. The mom's face lit up!

  9. My prayers go to all those deeply affected and touched by 9/11

  10. too bad i just finished a post. i should have considered doing this. anyway... prayers just offered to the victimes of the 9/11 attack

  11. great post
    yes love must prevail
    we must remember
    we must pray for a better world

  12. Such a beautiful post and may we never forget. Thank you, Sandy.


  13. Nice Sandy, to recognize the blessing of technology. I like that meme, I was never aware of it, but it sounds like a great prompt for posts.

  14. I sorta have a connected blessing for my post today. I would like to start that Sunday meme up again -- I miss it. Would you like to be in charge?

    Your blessings is beautifully connected to 9-11 and today's world of technology. I have never learned to text and don't really want to. I guess I like the long letters instead.

  15. Anonymous6:54 PM

    this 'bleached' me mind. thank you.

    daily athens

  16. Grandma texting! What could be cooler?

  17. Remembering and documenting the blessings ... wonderful! Thanks for sharing this.


  18. I participated in that meme some. I think I will start playing along again. We don't really need a central linking location to just post something on Sunday about what we are thankful for.

  19. Great post, Sandy. I'll always remember that awful 11 September.

  20. One sad day that will always be in our hearts. A very touching post.

  21. Honey!
    The humandidade has a lot to remember September 11th and cry ... until when?
    He knew the Bible says things will not improve? Yeah, all this is prophetic. What do you do? We must be careful to guard our hearts, 1 of the attacks of an invisible, spiritual, and that can destroy our soul forever; 2 of lack of love. We need love, love, and love without losing time. To love as Jesus loved. Without choosing to love and thinking that we could be, or ourselves, or someone you love very much, instead of all the people who once were like those of September 11.
    In the history of mankind thousands of people in many nations have experienced and are still living like that tragic day.
    Good time to reflect on this ...
    May God bless us and keep us days like this.


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