One Single Impression: Notebook

A text message came in the middle of the night
In Portugese
From a stranger:
se vc adivinhar quem e te dou um presente...
(Guess who you are and give you a gift)

A little later, another invitation:
tomorrow good game at New Haven 
if u want to come

Before morning:
Que o que?

I replied:
Wrong number.

What's ur name?

What's yours?

I asked first.  

Minutes passed, and then:
Are you DIEGO,,



Nor am I Estaban,
who had this number before me.

Ok, Sorry.

Guess who you are and give you a gift....

Note:  This is a found poem based on some errant text messages that came my way from two different Connecticut phone numbers the other day.  I felt like an unintentional voyeur as I read mail intended for someone else.  I thought I would just ignore them, but then, they seemed like such nice invitations that it would be a same if the sender thought the intended recipient were ignorming him or her.  So I sent the "wrong number" message.  I was surprised when the other party responded with questions about who I am.  It was so odd.  I thought how we are anonymous on a cell phone; there's no tracing us (easily), and there's no real estate attached to the number beyond the area code--which really indicates where the account was opened, not where the subscriber lives.  Still, I didn't want to tell my name.  It was all very strange and very lonely. I hope whoever this giver of a gift is finds the right person.
One Single Impression


  1. What next eh? Interesting take on the prompt for OSI too.

    I thought of you when I saw this post:

    Hope all is well. Hugs, G

  2. I always wonder when my cell phone rings-who it might be. The other night at 2:30 am=yes I was up fighting jet lag, I got a call from my bank that said my debit card had problems and push #1. Well I hung up cause I know I don't have any bank issues right now. But if I'd been asleep I would have panicked that someone was ill or hurt in the family. Your call or poem is hilarious!

  3. I had a call from what I thought to be a nice old lady with alzheimers.
    She didn't know who she was talking to but we had the nicest conversation.I could just picture her sitting in a nice soft chair with a small round table with an english rose table cloth,drinking tea with biscuits.
    She was lovely and then we said goodbye.

  4. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Hauntingly beautiful.

    daily athens

  5. Very interesting and sweet!

  6. Anonymous3:23 PM

    that is original!!

  7. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Very unique and interesting!

  8. I have had enjoyable conversations with wrong numbers before and I must admit I have made calls to wrong numbers accident.

  9. This is so beautifully created..

  10. Anonymous8:45 PM

    What an interesting experience and i love how you wrote about it.

  11. 'It was all very strange and very lonely. I hope whoever this giver of a gift is finds the right person.'

    Lets pray right person finds right gift, and gift finds right person - always.

    Touching piece.

  12. Fascinating messages here Sandy. I find this quite intriguing. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  13. What an interesting story.;) I only once got a wrong text message and it was from someone I knew, but only as a work acquaintance and it not meant for me. I think it was a very explicit message (in Spanish) by a married man meant for his lover, hehe.;) I felt just like you but I did not respond, as I did not want to embarrass the man, who was (is) a colleague from abroad.;)

  14. This was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Was not sure where it was going as I do not have a cell phone. I liked this very much.


  15. Hi Sandy ~~ These are the wrong numbers we like. They give us thinging material, this time prompt for a poem. Most times they are annoying.


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