Blog Your Blessings: Cheese

From October 22, 2011

If you've been to my blog, you've likely met Clyde, my daughter's Dachshund mix best friend, side-kick, bed-warmer, and most devoted admirer. Here you see him staring intently at her in the hopes of receiving a taste of Land O Lakes white American cheese. It's his favorite thing in the whole world after my daughter.

Recently, Della and I were on a hike when we took this character off leash and lost contact with him for minutes that felt like hours. He is super-obedient to her until his inner wolf gets the best of him, and off he goes. The only syllable that returns him to the world of canine-human bliss is cheese.

Today, when we had him out, he was off doing his doggy thing, but we got him to come back with that magic word, cheese.  No stress, no problem.  Got cheese, live well.


  1. LOL. When my cat runs away all we have to do is open the milk jug.

  2. That is one intense stare down. The anticipation is palpable in the photo. Luna is like that off leash. She gets so intent on her romp she doesn't listen. I don't think cheese would even bring her back.

  3. What a beautiful capture, those eyes say so much.;) I can relate to the feeling of minutes turning to hours.;)

  4. He's so adorable. Mr. Cheddar sends a headbonk!!!

  5. Your last line says it all. I couldn't agree more, cheeeese please!!!

    Headbonks from Mr. Cheddar

    Fearless Bug Warrior (and started to make friends with canines, at least online that is!!!)

  6. How funny!! I do love my cheese too!
    Wonderful pic of Clyde!

  7. He has excellent taste in food as well as in people!

  8. Every dog should have something that brings them back by your side with just a word. Lucky for us humans, just about every dog feels passionately about at least one person. Clyde is beautiful.. and those eyes so full of love. For Della and the cheese. :)


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