Blog Your Blessings: I Love my Mechanic

I love my mechanic.  He's honest.  He knows what he's doing.  He brings out my VW's inner Porsche without sending me to the poor house.  And he's prompt.

There is nothing more to want from another human being.  

Today, after a long four-day work week, Pete tackled the mystery of the on-again, off-again check-engine light that has been crying wolf for, oh, a while now.

As it turns out, it has come on for different reasons over the years, and Pete has addressed every one of those reasons.  Today he had the choice of selling me an expensive part and the hours it would take to install it or trying a different strategy, based on another mechanic's experience of his sister-in-law's car whose check-engine light played the same catch-me-if-you-can games.  That other strategy was a 20-minute task.

For next to no money and in next to no time, he solved the problem.  

Sitting in a patio chair while he made the repair, I watched the traffic roll by in time with the autumn clouds whose moody darkness brought out the rich and lovely color of the autumn leaves on trees that have almost been denuded by time, and I felt good.  It was one of those people-are-good moments that made everything about here and now feel right.  

Pete's the best.


  1. YES, Sandy!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

  2. blessings come in many ways....

  3. It is so wonderful, not only to have these people in our lives, but that we are able to see and appreciate the gift -- and you do! Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!


  4. So great to have people who you can trust to do good work and with integrity...

  5. you are so right.
    When you find a good one you never let him go lol

  6. My check engine light goes on when I don't close my gas cover properly. Gotta turn it until it clicks a few times.

    I wish I had a good camera mechanic right now.

  7. All this is so agreeable, and sitting in sitting in a patio chair waiting for the car repair is nice too!

  8. Lucky you having such a mechanic. We have the odd lights glowing on our truck. If we had such a mechanic we would take the Blue Goose in to have it taken care of. Just give me the chair.

  9. I love my mechanic too, that's why I come back to him, anytime.

    Sometimes, honesty is a long forgotten word.

  10. I've had some great mechanics over the years and they are diamonds in the rough. sounds like you've found one!!! And with how complicated cars are getting, mechanics need to be so well trained these days, it's not always an easy fix but it's nice when it is.

    Mr. Cheddar sends a review for Clyde's perusal:

    Yes, he does talk about canine food too!

    Hugs, G :<)

  11. I love this one Sandy. I can hear your voice so clearly. Thanks.


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