Is This Your Dog?

Dear Two-Legged Living in Roxbury, Connecticut, or Thereabouts, and Missing Your Dog:

If the dog in the above picture is your gentle and loving Vizsla, you are no doubt wondering why he is on my couch snoring the evening away after an afternoon of exploring the countryside and not on yours.

He is here because my daughter and I came across him this afternoon loose on South Street in Roxbury, where he was flirting with an elderly, voiceless collie on the other side of one of those electronic gates bearing a Warning We Have a Dog (So There) signs meant to keep me and the Avon Lady away. The collie wasn't much interested in this debonair bachelor, but he persisted. We stopped the car and called to him, and he climbed right into the car like he was waiting for the chauffeur to finally show up. I pulled into the collie's driveway and called for a human, but none came.

There were utility trucks everywhere in this ridiculously gated, camera-laden Beware of Dog section of town, and the situation was dodgy for an unassuming dog the color of fallen leaves to be loose in the middle of the road. So we took him in and off we went to the town hall, where the town clerk and his son did their best to match him up with the dogs on record there. No luck.

I told the town clerk I would take him home, and I gave him my number in case anybody in their right mind should come along looking for this beautiful, gentle animal. Then we took him to my aunt, who knows everything about dogs. She could not place him.  She and my uncle are willing to give him a home because they could see he is a nice dog. 

If this dog has shared the road with you and you can tell me why he was all alone in the middle of one today, I'll bring him to you. I know what it is like to lose a dog by way of a silly mistake. He is warm and safe and well fed and stealing my heart as I type, so if he's yours, please call the town clerk of Roxbury ASAP before I stop being an honest woman and keep him for my own. He is a love, and he should be at home.

From Drop Box

Update (November 4, 2011, 1:30 p.m.)  The sweet dog we had been calling Floyd for the day he was in our lives was previously named Seamus and is back with the two-leggeds who previously named him.  The reunion comes thanks to the help of the "animal control" folks in New Milford and a dear friend whom I had emailed with the scoop and who made some phone calls for me.  The reunion also happened thanks to the cell phones that made communication possible in a state that is still largely in the dark thanks to the ineptitude of Connecticut Light and Power.  Della and I returned Seamus with heavy hearts to a man who brought neither a collar nor a leash to keep him safe.  I gave him one of my (long departed) dog's collars.  

I asked the man how long the dog had been loose.  He said he saw he was gone when he got home at 3 p.m. the day before.  He said the dog uses a Doggy Door but had never before tested the boundaries.  He had not been wearing a collar because, heck, the invisible fence wasn't working and it wouldn't keep him in anyway (ahem, even if it could still hold a dog tag).  The man was stunned because, he said, Velcro Vizslas don't wander; they stay with their people.

So, where were their people?  I had to wonder if this pup had been ditched in the house while the humans sought heat and light elsewhere.  During his day with us, we had called Seamus by the name of Floyd, and he was good with that.  He was also good with the multiple cans of Alpo we fed him.  I joked that this dog was slumming it by eating Alpo.  Not funny:  "He was slumming it; he's never eaten dog food in his life."

If we find Seamus in the road again, he will return to his new life as Floyd.


  1. good for you!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

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  2. Nope. But I need a dog now that ours died and we have a bear coming up on the porch!

  3. Awww what a sweetie.. both of you. I hope you find his people.. or find that you're his new people.

  4. on behalf of his peaceful sleep I 'm thankful of the blessing of you -caring enough for all of God's creatures.

  5. That gray muzzle makes him look very wise. Not so wise if he is out wandering around. Have you had him checked at the vet or dog pound for a chip? It might answer some of your questions. Maybe he is old enough to have dementia. He probably wandered off and got tired and confused.

  6. What a "good Samaritan" you are. More people need to have your compassion and caring heart. He looks like a real "sweetheart", and if he doesn't find his real owner will make a nice family member in a new home. Have a terrific weekend. Mickie :)

  7. He is not my dog. But you are a treasure to open your heart to a dog. You are the same, beautiful and kind. Maybe he will be yours'. My sister found a dog, and at last he is hers'. Henry has a wonderful home now. It is as it is supposed to be. It is good to know some lost animals are found.

  8. You have a heart of gold, Sandy. And he's super-adorable!

  9. gosh, I hope there is someone out there desperate that their dog escaped and so happy to find him...
    but if not, it sounds like the lucky feller will be making out fine.

  10. If he has good owners, who by some mishap lost him, then I hope he finds his way back to them. Otherwise, I'm grateful to you and you aunt and uncle for rescuing him. If I lived close by, I would offer to take him too.

  11. Oh once in a while they escape and maybe he was just in front of his gate when you found him. I know my dog never runs away but he did once with his leash. Luckily someone took the leash and tied him to a post and I check like every 10 min to see where the dog is so he was easy to find thanks to someone who was smart and left him where he could be found.
    I found one in my back yard. He was a wolf cross and people were looking for him but they never thought he would be so far, in my end of the city.He escaped in the night.
    I did not give him to the SPCA because people are not allowed wolf crosses and he was clearly wolf so I told them it wAS A BIG GERMAN SHEPHERD KIND and left my number LOL But he was lovely as well and so happy to see his owners.The SPCA appreciates it when you keep the dog at home.Saves them a lot of trouble and expense. You did well.

  12. I'm so glad that Floyd/Seamus had someone as kind as you to live with until his family was found. He looks like a sweetheart.

  13. Look at that face. I would be tempeted to call the owner and ask if you can have Seamus/Floyd. Maybe?

  14. Sounds like Floyd enjoyed his adventure. We can only hope Seamus's human isn't a total douche. Fingers crossed, he'll wise up.


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