One Single Impression: Birdie

All day I watch the birds:
Ospreys feed their young
On thrashing fish I could not hold in two hands.
Great whites
Feed on whispers
They claim from the intracoastal waters
That rise and fall like the beats of a heart.
Pelicans take everything the waves offer
And leave me believing the world started

I watch all of this from the front porch
And think of the adage,

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,

And though I realize the point of this
Is that what we have is worth more
Than what we have not,

That life is greater than any dream,

These birds show me
That the great life is a dream.

Birds know this.
They survive.

One Single Impression


  1. You knew I would just love this prompt and your response is good. Pelicans do make one feel like you are looking into the dinosauer age.

  2. Yes it is how it is, how it should be... but do you think birds dream? I think perhaps if they fly, they must dream... or is it because we cannot fly, that we dream?

  3. Deep insights in this. Excellent.

  4. That's too good Sandy..I loved the lines..Life is greater than any dreams.. wow!!!

  5. Love this true and I try to live my life this way every day :)

  6. powerful poem full of so much meaning that it takes several readings to dig out the depths of what is expressed...

  7. well said and so true.
    Life is greater than any dream
    The great life is a dream
    Today one doesn't know what tomorrow brings and yes I think birds dream.

  8. How lovely to see these birds from your home.
    Yes..... they are by far more valuable to be free than in captivity. Magnificent birds and a powerful poem.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. This was beuatiful dear Sandy, love to follow the contemplations you get from watching birds.;)
    Sorry for my absence, I have been busy with life again, it happens a lot lately.;)
    Hope you had a nice weekend,

  10. Anonymous2:58 PM

    it is a privilege to have so many near Sandy...I love the dream methaphor...!!

  11. Power to your words Sandy.

  12. Such a lovely poem! :)

    And awesome pictures below! Now I just look forward to the frost.. out with the camera! ;)

  13. Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts with us.

  14. I love this Sandy. You really made the most of this prompt.

  15. I love your mystical poem!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  16. Ahh, I do believe some can have the one in the hand and the two in the bush.

  17. So true, Sandy, and very well written.

  18. Yes! Birds do know this!! And we need to know it too!!
    Kind of a wake up call!

  19. I really enjoyed your poem. You are so connected to nature and learn its lessons so wisely. Thank you Sandy.

  20. Loved reading you! And yes, birds are wiser than some men!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  21. I love how your poems are so closely connected to nature. Another beautiful piece.

  22. Nice one, Sandy. Life is greater than any dream, I agree. And surviving is better than the (illusive) great dream for most.

  23. Sandy,
    This is a copy of my note to the FB link as mentioned.


    kaykuala said...
    I wish to confirm that I had emailed as instructed my poem for Prompt 193 'Birdie' way ahead on Oct 31, 2011. I kept looking for Mr Linky to post it but I got the one for 'Sunset'. Anyway I posted my poem on Nov 06 in my blog but but didn't link it until just minutes ago to the FB link.

    What do I do now?

    Hank aka kaykuala

  24. Life is a dream, so why not go for it? Love this piece.

  25. The way it ends is indeed so inspiring... it doesn't take much to learn from the simple things that nature show cases. Yet we flounder...

  26. I always feel blessed when I see the bluebird of happiness.

  27. the wisdom of our feathered friends, you've gotta love it! and a lovely tribute to them here.

    Hope all is well, G

  28. what a great, inspiring post!
    life is good, life is nature, nature is life!

    LOVE your poem!

  29. beautiful Sandy, so very beautiful

  30. Just beautiful Sandy- so peaceful and just right! Hope all is well~~

  31. Much deep thinking here!! Loved your poem Sandy which is coming straight from your heart!! What a wonderful sight from your front porch, and I would be ready to trade in anything for that view!! The proverbs so very well fit in the poem!! Yes there is a lot to learn from nature about survival and contentment in life!!

  32. Anonymous1:01 PM

    this is a keeper sandy... the water, there is something about the water and birds and fish and dreams and life... placed so perfectly in our hearts evokes a sigh from me saying yes it really is gonna be all right..


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