What Was Connecticut Light and Power

Connecticut Light and Power--commonly known as CL&P--has been renamed after Storm Alfred.  It left so many Connecticut residents fending for themselves for days upon days with the only resources available that, well, the public utility now reflects the public's resourcefulness.


  1. Funny but sad though, what a mess. -- I heard a piece on the radio about your State's problems there. Do you have electricity at your house?

  2. If it wasn't so aggravating to their customers I would laugh.

    Kind of reminds me of my home state of New Mexico whose public utility ran out of natural gas during the coldest part of the year. During a nationwide natural gas glut.

  3. Thats so sad.
    Every year you listen and your heart dies just a little bit more.
    I guess every one needs to make sure they have some sort of solar power and generator ready to go at home.

    Lucky the weather is not that bad yet.
    Has there not been anything done yet to help put electricity back on?

  4. Funny but so not funny. Terribly sad. I wonder how the elderly, disabled and other of the most vulnerable are getting though this?

  5. Funny but sad indeed!! It would be nice if they learned something from this experience, but knowing these types of companies, I doubt that will happen! Good for you, Sandy!!


  6. I've been following this a bit inbetween lesson planning and correcting papers . . . CL&P was so (forgive me for using the word) iconic. I'm surprised they are having such a bad time and making life miserable for everyone.

  7. I like the ospreys better than these guys!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  8. Oh dear! I understand that some people are still not connected to any power!! This is just not right!
    Candle light and propane for sure!

  9. Great reaction to a serious situation.


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