One Single Impression: Inkwell

Eager to like and be liked
I have often rushed into
Believing with my whole heart

In someone else.

I have called that believing


I have called cynicism
The sensible caution of burned cats.

I have made a virtue of being a dog,
In the process forgetting my own dog

Who has chosen only one to love
And therefore trust

While snapping in the face of anyone at all
Who would presume the right

To that sacred virtue.

He makes a fool of himself, being a Dachshund,
Growling in the face of giants

Except that there is no doubt in his mind
That there is no giant
He could not take down

In the name of love.

I want to be a fool like that little dog.
I want to be a burned cat.

I want to love without fear.

One Single Impression


  1. fighting in the name of love, loyalty, friendship,
    for causes you believe in , there could be worse things especially if the causes are good
    Personalized animals do not understand good bad.
    They are pure in heart fighting for the survival of the pack.
    Great poem

  2. Beautiful, true words and no one says/writes them better. Thank you, Sandy! A great poem indeed! Have a lovely evening.


  3. What a beautiful poem!!

  4. Anonymous6:32 AM

    "Who has chosen only one to love
    And therefore trust"
    even when apparently may seem different..very nice thoughts Sandy!!

  5. Wow, you have a way with words Sandy.

  6. Deep and meaningful, as always.

  7. Anonymous4:43 PM

    it's true that animals love without fear, and they are treated even worse than people are when they love the wrong person

  8. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Your heart pours out for those you love, animals included. (Or do these 'dogs' represent someone else?) You take up their cause, sometimes very fiercely.
    BTW Sandy, Google/Blogger won't let me sign in with your comment form. This one needs annonymous and URL options. That is why I had to get OpenId, just for this type sign in.
    It likes the pop up or new page best. That way you get my profile picture.

  9. To love without fear is a tall task but I admire the little Dachshund. Very sweet and beautiful.

  10. Very beautifully penned... well done..

  11. Dear Sandy, that was such a beuatiful poem and I recognize the sentiments. Just love with everything you have got, dear friend.;))

  12. love without fear, wow.

    amazing line.

  13. That 'love without fear' is hard to come by. One does need a doggedness. A resolve to never give up until that love is a crispy cat.

  14. "In the name of love.

    I want to be a fool like that little dog.
    I want to be a burned cat.

    I want to love without fear."

    Sandy, I too want to love without fear and was always wondering what stops me?

    Now I know. I just need to be a fool.



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