Skywatch Friday: Prelude to a Good Sleep

From Jun 27, 2011
There are rare moments when I have nothing to say. Most of the time I have something. And not because I am some great thinker or what have you. But words are my business. I am a reading teacher. I was once a professional writer. Cash or no cash, words are my business. I measure life in words. And if there are no words for a moment, then that moment is monumental or it is nothing at all. It's a matter of looking and feeling. 

Sunsets on Topsail leave me with nothing. 

Nothing.  They are landlocked moments that have me looking back at what I would like to forget or ignore or sweep under the rug: what is solid and permanent. Far better for me the transient, the moving, the evanescent. I've put up with a few too many claims on forever, a few too many promises of (I gag thinking of it) love. 

Shut up and go away and don't block my view of what I care about. Which is the sunrise and all that is possible. And there is so much to say. 

This is a good-night photo. It is a foot in the door, a let-me-be-here-because-I-want-to-share-morning-with-you moment. So good night. And about that good morning? There are no strings attached. I have been here long enough to know better. I believe in freedom. And the sunrise is beautiful.

Skywatch Friday


  1. I love "Far better for me the transient, the moving, the evanescent."

    Sometimes I have to read your posts over and over (and over) and then mull and mull (and mull.)

  2. Beautiful! And you are right, sometimes there just are no words...

  3. These words are beautiful! The best beauty of nature do bring back memories that I'd rather forget too.. A perfect sunset shot. Cheers.

  4. You do say so much that I would love to say -- I'm just glad you are there to say it for me. Wishing you and your beautiful daughter a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter and the good things -- whatever they are to both of you!


  5. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Sometimes, when I have no words, I choose small stones. Gather them. Pile them, stack them, sort them, give them back to the water, the ground, the places-without-places.

    I've had to return to those places, again and again, wordless. Voiceless. And choose a rock for every string that would be attached and throw it far and long...

    There's something satisfying about that. The strings? I pretend they're string cheese. They melt in the sunrise.

  6. Absolutely stunning sky. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Such a beautiful sky does not require words! Merry Christmas, Sandy!

  8. These words are so beautiful;Sandy!And your photo is perfect for this post!Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Your words simmer like the golds of the sunset - a little drama, a little whisper of new hope in the morning! A fascinating post!

  10. Incredible peace expressed in this capture. The depth of the capture in wonderful. Have a blessed week-end. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. Anonymous5:23 PM

    A joy for the sense of sound, sight and thought.

    Please have you all a good Friday.

    daily athens photo

  12. Just by looking at it make me feel sleepy. Merry Christmas!


  13. It is so interesting, I'm a wordy person too, as you know...yet I LOVE silence...all that is revealed in the pauses between words.

  14. So right Sandy, living in the moment, taking the best of it and not letting anyone block your light. That way happiness lies . . .

  15. Awesome colours!
    Happy Christmas!

  16. The colors of the sky are as beautiful, thoughtful and deep as your words are.

  17. Good Morning, Sandy! My heart lifted when I saw your picture early in the morning!Yes, some moments are too precious for words.Merry Christmas!

  18. Scenes like this often leave me speechless and at a loss for words. The photo is marvelous.

  19. Fabulous Golden sunset.

  20. Spectacular sunset photo...and I really like your philosophical take on love and freedom.

  21. How well written! Great words even when you have nothing to say. Lovely picture.

  22. Beautiful moment of nature captured there, agree with you, a moment like that needs no words.

  23. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Beautifully written - and a lovely photo to go with the words.

  24. thank you for sharing your naked Self, Sister-

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  25. I too have the "gift of the gab" as my grandfather called it. I am rarely without words, sometimes they want to burst out of me. As I get older I am realizing the time for quiet and keeping things closer to my heart. I will though, always be a talker.
    I love the sunset photo. Lovely.

  26. I would rather say good morning ! I am just up for a couple of hours ! It's a beautiful picture !
    and I love to write too !

  27. I agree. Some of the best feelings have no words and you can feel them freely and love how you feel.
    To experience something you can't express in words is very special. To be able to express them is a plus.
    Pleasant dreams friend.:)

  28. Sandy, that's a spectacular picture.

    Mine is here

  29. Life is all about those moments that leave us without words, caught up in the beauty of a scene, listening to some amazing music, touched by a poem...You've said it so well here.

    Happy Holidays dear Sandy, G :<)

  30. Mighty words of thoughts there Sandy.
    May your World be full of Happiness - love and tranquility.

  31. Words frequently escape the most powerful moments, which is perhaps as it should be. I enjoyed this post.

  32. A lovely summer picture! =)

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

  33. Beautiful!!! Merry Christmas~

  34. Wonderful capture!
    Thanks for sharing;o)
    I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and all the best for the year to come

    *.* . + _/\_. * . * .. + . * . * . * * .. * *
    *. +. * ),” ( . * . + * . +. + . * .+ . * + . * . * . * .
    ……… /……\\…………_/\_
    …….. /……..\\………*>,”<
    ……. /_____\\\……*Silent Night,
    …. {`______`}\\….* , + * Star Above,
    …{………u….`-”}\\\..+ *.*.+.*.+ Blessed Gifts
    … {………………}\…..*,+*.._/\_ * + . of hope
    …. /{…………..}\\………*,..>,”< + * *+and love,
    … /….”…………”…\\…*……..*
    .. /_/……`”`…..\\\\_\\..* + ., * * , +*
    ..{__}##{ ]##{__}\
    ..(_/\\\\\\\|\\\\\_/\\_)\..Have a Joyous Christmas Season!
    …….|___|___|\\……..+ * , . * ** * , . * +
    …………..MERRY CHRISTMAS……………..

  35. Dear Sandy, beautiful post in image and sentiments. At times nature is stunning, it leaves us in silence, as no words that man has created can describe that which nature/God created. I was so reminded of that today, when we took a walk along the North Sea and the incredible power and beauty of the pristine waters enveloped my senses...
    Dear friend, would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year - thank you so much for your kind visits and friendship in the past year,


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