One Single Impression: Sour Grapes

Reds sit heavy on the tongue,
Filling your mouth with the sultry
Warmth of late summer
And a warm embrace
That chases away what is cold now.
I like reds.
Whites, on the other hand,
Go with everything from chicken
To cannolis.
Chasers and palette cleansers,

They promise nothing.
These blondes tantalize.
They are useless.

Sour grapes?
They go wild in September
Along the streets
Around the power lines
Amid the brambles that delimit
The roads and the wild.

They are reds
Without  the sugar.

They are every possibility
Without pretense.

They are hope, sober.
They don’t flirt or sit around
To be savored and complimented.
They don’t go down easy.

They are the perfume of the byway.
Leave the road.  Taste and see.


  1. Wish I had the time to really savor these like glasses of good wine. . . life!

    Warm Aloha from Hawaii
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. You never cease to amaze me! Perfect! And, yes, like a glass of good wine! Great way to end my day. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend, Sandy, in your new home! Hope all is going well!


  3. There are so few wild grapes left around here that the animals all get them before I would even think to. Great poem. It makes me want to try to beat the crowd to the vine.

  4. I've never tasted a wild grape. Now I hope to. Life must be tasted. I really like your poem Sandy.

  5. Life must be sipped, tasted and savored. I like your poem Sandy. This was a tough prompt for me...

  6. Like this Sandy - I'll join you in a glass or 3 of red.

  7. I love it Sandy! You always take the "bitter" and make it so palatable. I went a different direction...

  8. lovely Your best yet :)

  9. Sandy, you know I love the byway, but what a way to describe it! Perfect! I think you have tramped on a few byways yourself and tasted that fruit!

  10. An excellent metaphor.

  11. "They are every possibility/ without pretense". Brilliant flow of ideas!

  12. Hi Sandy ~~ Very easy reading and savoring but harder to comprehend.
    I'll go with the wines as most don't eat grapes from the vine now-a-days. Red, white, rose, it depends on my mind and on the pantry as to what my taste for the day is.
    I was also thinking persons, probably not hair color but rather their personalities.

  13. Like idea of leaving the road!

  14. Anonymous6:28 PM



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