One Single Impression: Vital

High tide throws itself down
Like a gauntlet.
The shore pretends
It does not feel the blow.

So do the birds

And most especially the pelicans
As they glide
Parallel and equidistant
Along the back
Of the cresting water.

For them it is not an effort
But a deep breath and that reflex
We call the beat of the heart.

In time with the sea,
Pelicans know
The discord at the edge
Of what is important
Is not.

This is vital.

One Single Impression


  1. lovely poem, captures the essence happy you are living where you love it!

  2. The essential things are all spread out together like the sea. All the rambles around the perimeter can be tolerated, ignored, absorbed.

  3. So well put together Love it !! :)

  4. This is truly beautiful Sandy. A great prompt expressed so well.

  5. A message captured in perfect words.

  6. Beautiful words indeed!!

  7. Anonymous6:42 AM

    your observation of nature is wonderful Sandy!

  8. Oh, exactly.. you have such insight .

  9. Anonymous12:52 PM

    That is a beautiful observation of the shore and it's inhabitants!

  10. Your nice words create a thrilling atmosphere.

  11. Hi Sandy ~~ We've blogged, exchanged posts, now for six or so years? Someday I'll check as I don't th. At any rate I've known that you love the water and the seashore. The birds also rate high with you, probably the pelicans get the highest mark.
    This post is not an exception, you did wonderfully in expressing their attitude of care toward the breaking waters at the division between water and shore.


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