One Single Impression: Shells

Here from Earth's get-go,
Turtles get everything.

What I know of their story
Teaches me to live mine.

Tenured reptiles when the dinosaurs arrived,
They nevertheless hit the road
Rather than work with those overlarge
And possibly rambunctuous oafs,
Even if they were relatives.

They took that flying leap into the ocean,
Trading clawed toes and legs for sleek flippers,
The slow plod for the breast stroke,
The light of day for deep water,
And here they are today,
Bigger and better than our story,
Wiser in their silence
Than we are in our
Whatever you call it
That we don't know how to shut off.

On land or in the ocean,
They are at home in a shelter that
Grows from their own spine.

(Think about this:
Do you call your central nervous system home,
Or do you run for help at the slightest interruption
Of flow?)

Come out of your shell if you want
And when.
Go back in when you please
And feel completely safe
And completely yourself.

Live on.
It's good.

One Single Impression


  1. Wonderful! I love it, Sandy! And so do the turtles! Have a wonderful tomorrow!


  2. the sea turtles are special to me.
    have 2 on my skin.
    for personal reasons,
    they resonate deep.

    So does your
    excellent poem;

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  3. Turtles sure are inventive survivors.
    And so cute too.:)

  4. Wonderful writing and a brilliant thought, Sandy. I loved it. Cheers, Ruby

  5. Interesting thoughts Sandy.

  6. Anonymous8:45 AM

    yes....interesting thoughts...!!

  7. Very thoughtful piece. I guess I never thought of turtles this way. So true! Love those last two lines!

  8. Sea turtles - a great way to go with the shell prompt. And I like your take on flight or fight.


  9. An excellent message.

  10. This is a wonderful piece of writing. Turtles may have been your inspiration, but the message is for all of us.

  11. wonderful metaphor! thanks for the inspiration Sandy and for giving us such a beautiful piece of writing to enjoy.

  12. interesting comparisons with our cousins the!

  13. Ah, but are turtles safe inside their shells? Interesting thoughts, Sandy, and well written.

  14. not many of us can say we feel completely ourself Sandy. This wonderful on many levels engaging and informative but with a poetic sweetness, I love it!

  15. Wonderful write, Sandy!

  16. The story of sea turtles from a little'n to a big'n is amazing.

  17. I love your expression of love for turtles. I've developed a new respect for them because of you. You wrote the evolution so beautifully, and I sense a challenge for us to be more like your loved ones. I'll try.

  18. I love your turtle poem, Sandy. I also like to watch the turtle families basking in the sun on nice warm sunny days.

    Of course the zoos have the large tough old geezers of a variety different from the neighborhood gang.
    Thank you for the nice prompt word too. It is interesting to see the differing takes on it. I like yours, a place of retreat and safety.

  19. I've always thought turtles were wise so I appreciate the story you've woven. Also, they are among my favorite animals especially the sea turtles!

  20. I think I have something on similar lines to share. Some animals and even some people are at home always! Isn't it?

  21. I love this. I am intrigued with turtles and I think you just told me why!


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