One Single Impression: Wassail

From February 12, 2012

Dive in, drink up
The history of the world--
Impassive like you--
Passes through you 
And becomes you 
With equanimity. 

Lunch is a sacred rite 
The silence of which 
Is punctuated by your 
Full immersion 
And the clicks of my camera. 

You eat for two.


  1. I wondered what people would do with Wassail. Of course I always like to drink it. ;) Have a great weekend clicking away.

  2. Fun and beautiful photo! =)

    The bird grabbed the food, you grabbed the bird :))

    Well done! :)

  3. You handled a difficult word excellently. And great pic, too.

  4. For me coming for the other side of the word to combine wassail with another prompt for a haiku was a great challenge.. but then..I find you having done a great job with it.. Thanks Sandy.. would love you to visit and have a look how I have handled..

  5. beautifully done..this is like taking a bite of dark chocolate for the soul :-)

  6. Lovely take, enjoyed reading!

  7. Lovely take, enjoyed reading!

  8. Some sound make us aware how silent it was! Beautiful poem.

  9. Creative and beautiful. Put a smile on my face. Nicely written Sandy!


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