One Single Impression: Crimson

Crimson eyes
A low cry
A song
Expecting nothing
Pushing against
The tide
Digging into
The mud
Fighting the pull of the wave
As the tide retreats.
He honors life
I chase the people away.
Crimson eyes
Watch me.
He's hurt.
I call
The police.
The police come and call
The wildlife guy
In Jacksonville.
It's his thing,
They tell me.
He'll come.
And would you give me
Your name address date of birth
And phone number
Even though it's on my phone
For the report.

One Single Impression


  1. This is a great picture of the bird. I hope the Wildlife Officer was able to help him.

  2. I can imagine and understand your rage and eyes going red. Was bird rescued?

  3. good you are there to rescue those needing help...

  4. Bless you hurt heart!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  5. poor little bird .
    I wonder what happened?

  6. Sweet ... what a photo ... very nice ...
    Best regards, Karin

  7. How helpless it looks.
    Hope it is fluttering well by now.

  8. I hope that bird was rescued and is now OK.

  9. omg, poor thing...was bird rescued?

    this a great photo of the bird.

    sad but beautiful piece! i felt every single word of it.


  10. It looked so helpless. Your presence was God-sent, Sandy! Great write!


  11. You are such a nice person Sandy.

  12. awww...the poor feller. I hope they came to help him.

  13. Anonymous1:36 PM


  14. The bird died. I came across his body on the beach tonight. His legs were stretched in a way that suggested a last attempt to move up the beach for safety. He looked for all the world like he were sleeping. The truth: help never came. Made me wonder who cares around here because who cares, does.

  15. Poor thing! Really, all that paperwork?

  16. This is a sad poem, Sandy. And from your comment I knew for sure that it told a true story. Thank you for the closing. For me, I know it won't be for you.

    Your picture is nice. Is the THE bird? Poor thing. Most of the grounded young birds around here have several relatives calling, cheering, and scolding. The next morning the little creature is gone. I think, 'oh well, he/she learned to fly or a cat ate him.'

  17. Forgot to mention that the new job must be nice, you have time off not during the school sessions.

    Enjoy it. We have been gone also, a month. First London, the Paris for two days, then an 11 day Canary Island cruise, and back to London for the rest of the time. We got to SEE the QUEEN.


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