Skywatch Friday: Taking Shape

From April 28, 2012
Beavers, turtles, pelicans.  These are my love affairs with nature in chronological order.  Over the years, I have not given up one for the other but added one to the other.  Such is the advantage of loving over being in love.  Mammals, reptiles,, water, air....I love the world.

Come into my harem, my menagerie, and meet my latest partner in this love affair with life. 

Pelicans are here all day every day up and down the beach.  I love them because they show up and smile.  They rise into the air, stick our their chests, and smile.  Oh, yes, indeed.  Stand right here with me, look up, watch those birds, and tell me they are not smiling as they enjoy a very good joke.

I love them because they show up.

I love them because they smile.

Enjoy the joke.

Stand here with me and watch. Embrace the joy.

When the pelicans get to the Villa Capriani, we will watch these birds who have traveled in one of those beautifully symmetrical Vees for the past half mile break into no shape at all and fly off in many directions.

We will discover that these birds came together to come together and broke apart to move on.  These two went to fish in the waves.  That one is an opportunist waiting for scraps from the fishermen on the pier.  Those guys are riding the thermals.  And that one....He just wants to go that way.

These are not Canada geese who bunk down nightly after a round of God Save the Queen but a bunch of pellies sharing the labor of moving through air, of doing time, in the most magical of ways:  freely.  

In so doing, they honor the air we breathe.  They make it sacred.

 If love gets better than that, show me the way. 


  1. wonderful that you enjoy nature so much, love your poems and descriptions of what you are seeing and feeling...

  2. Delightful post Sandy.

  3. nature. the best of the best.

  4. Great post Sandy and looks like you have a lot of company loving nature out here in the blogging world. Wonderful isn't it? Have a great weekend!

  5. Such a delightful post, Sandy! I love how you love nature and the wonderful critters in our world! They do indeed make everyday better with the smiles they bring! Hope all of you have a beautiful weekend!


  6. Beautiful tribute to the pelican ... I love that you showed them to me in that way!!!


  7. lol
    We only see a few Canada geese here and there. There used to be many of them but people complained about all the poop so now they don't feed them in parks, so they dispersed to other areas. Now you see the odd one and it makes you feel real good.
    In Miami we had a pair that only went in one direction every morning.
    I never saw them go back.
    They were followed by an old man with paddles on his arms who swam in the same direction.
    I never saw him go back either.
    Wonder where they went? lol

  8. They are a joy to watch!

  9. that was so beautiful...

  10. Anonymous12:12 AM

    What lovely writing to go with that shot. I've never seen pelicans in real life.

  11. what a holy and healing post!

    thank you for living it and for saying it so well; for living a prayer, Sandy-

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  12. Beautiful sky!

    Sunlight Cross, have a great weekend!

  13. Wonderful post, Sandy! I always enjoy seeing the Pelicans, they are cool birds. Lovely photo. Have a great weekend.

    Here is my skywatch:

  14. Never. No. Love doesn't get better than that. I absolutely applaud your love affair.

  15. An interesting bird formation taking shape?

  16. Lovely! I enjoy pelicans as well. They are such unusual birds.

  17. I like both the photo and the pelicans and what you wrote here! :)

  18. i can feel your love
    and now it lives in me

    thank you
    and lovely weekend to you~

  19. Pelicans are so special. Their carriage and bearing is so erect and stately.

  20. I love it to see big bird fly in formation. I have yet to ID a group of big bird s bnear nmy son's school.

  21. I never tire of seeing these guys either. They make me laugh every time I see them perched on the "slow zone" signs on the river ... our pelican policemen and they make me smile too when they soar in formation and then break from time one landed on our boat and sat watching us as we ate breakfast. One of the neatest things ever.


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