One Single Impression: Fickle

Change is the tongue
That licked this pup to life
Cleaned the fur
Stirred the heart
Led the way to warm milk
And in no time
Said, move on;
Look back when you dare
Or don't.

What has happened
Has brought you here:
Accidents or choices--
Perhaps both--
You made them happen
Or you showed up for them,
And they are you.

The point is,
You are,
And you are here.

Raise your head to the wind,
Savor its tang,
Remember everything
As you cling to nothing
And move on.

The point is,
You are.

Raise your head.
Move on.

One Single Impression


  1. powerful poem...I feel that way some days too.

  2. This poem toutched my heart, really! You are writing so good! :)

    Let's go out and drift with the wind..
    Lovely weekend to you! :)

  3. An inspiring poem, just what I needed.

    Thank you :)

  4. Very lovely! accidents or choices ??? One can only wonder! Loved the poem.

  5. I did need this one today, Sandy!! Beautiful! Thank you!!

  6. An intense, fine poem, Sandy, really well written.

  7. Anonymous8:54 PM

    intense these lines:
    "Remember everything
    As you cling to nothing
    And move on."

  8. Yes Maam!!!
    That was commanding!!
    Well done!

  9. Wow! Wonderful poem!!
    So encouraging

  10. Great inspirational words.

  11. cling to nothing
    And move on

    Powerful and commanding words that inspire.

  12. Wise words here Sandy. I've had to tell myself to move on when I cling to things already ended. I guess we all do that.

    I really enjoy reading your poetry.

  13. Good advice for all... lovingly expressed.

  14. Yes, the tongue changes but what you wrote was all for the good. I like it, Sandy.

    I.e, lick to life, tell for goodbyes, and taste for the memories.

    "Savor its tang,
    [taste it all,]
    Remember everything
    As you cling to nothing
    And move on.


  15. Love this Sandy! I shared it with so many ♥♥♥

  16. Raise your head, Move on! That should be my mantra from now on! Very thoughtful. Love the mother dog and pups imagery. I used to raise collies, so I know how this goes! This poem also makes me think of the quote in your post up above!


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