Skywatch Friday: The Real World

From May 26, 2012
There is the real world, and there is the real world.  So often I hear folks referring to the real world as that place where life is hard and lonely and dreams can't come true because the economy stinks and people want, need, expect, are entitled to this, that, the other thing but don't get it and probably shouldn't because this is the real world.

So often I hear folks talking way too much.

I think the real world is what is right in front of you.  What did you put there?  What did you turn away from?  I think the "real world" talk has something to do with being a victim of circumstances rather than a maker of them.  I think it's so much easier to draw up lists of what might go wrong if we dare to dream and do and to justify the safety that dark and empty spaces provide than to get out there and take what we damn well want.  

Which is not to say hurrah for me and to hell with you. But I think we have to go, move, do and geniunely be ourselves and get over this idea that inertia is a good thing because it doesn't require a first-aid kit.

Catch me if you can.  Catch me if you want to.  I won't put up a fight.  I never have.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Lovely shot,living in the real world.

  2. Well said. I've thought that Life is what happens while you are planning for better times. Life is right in front of you. Live it.

  3. it seems the real world is seen differently by pessimists as compared to!

  4. I do so agree with you and your readers, Sandy, life is in front of you, how good or bad it is depends on you and your own attitude! Gorgeous, colorful skies and a glorious way to end any day! Have a beautiful weekend!


  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Living in the real world is what you make it.

    Glorious shot!

  6. I love this shot. The real world - well, you're right. There's real and there's real. I struggle with inertia sometimes. It's my life challenge I think. But at least for today, I'm winning.

  7. I live at the intersection of the real world and the real world.

    I have lived with depression for 45 years, and that has been an "interesting" life. I have not be hospitalized long-term for that; I have been on medication and meditation.

    It is possible to find oneself so low that one has to reach up in order to touch bottom. I am past that stage (I think). But I know others who are not. It is hard, or impossible, to think "rationally" in such situations.

    That said, we are primarily responsible for our lives, and how we choose to respond to what happens. But there are times when we need the help of others. Meaning a LOT of help. We do get by with a little help from our friends.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  8. Anonymous2:58 PM

    What a beautiful shot!

  9. Sandy, I like the thought, "I think we have to go, move, do and geniunely be ourselves and get over this idea that inertia is a good thing because it doesn't require a first-aid kit." It makes me think of an old Garth brooks song, "Standing outside the Fire." there's a line in there that says, "Life isn't tried, it's just merely survived if you're standing outside the fire." I have a feeling you jumped in long ago!

    P.S. Love the sunset photo. It looks flaming to me!

  10. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Living out loud. It's here and Now. This is a treasure of a post, Sandy. Thank you for this.

  11. Gorgeous shots. I agree with you about the real world. I don't think a life of quiet desperation is any more real than a life of reveling in the beautiful parts of life.

  12. Oh, this is one of my favorite post of yours.;) I so agree.;) I just has similar contemplations that I wrote in a post planned for next week.;)
    Beautiful sky...
    Have a great weekend dear Sandy,

  13. Post war people felt this way. They had no expectations and worked and saved to make sure they had food on the table. No one enjoyed food like this generation of people did after having been starved and living in fear for so long.
    Today people are just too spoiled.

  14. What a wonderful view, Sandy!

  15. We can get caught up in the what ifs, the regrets, the blame game...I agree. And yes, life is what we have right in front of us, to work with right now, today. Very good thoughts to ponder here Sandy.

    Lovely photo.

  16. a lovely post... I like your real world and I'm glad I had some time this evening to catch up with old posts and caught this one!

  17. That is so true! More people should look at what in front of us and appreciate it.


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