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Skywatch Friday: Symmetry

From November 18, 2012 "We make a journey to the "promised land," the other shore, and we have arrived when we realize that we were there all along."  (Chogyam Trungpa, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism)

Wordless Wednesday: It's Cold Out


Our World Tuesday: Hanging Around

We spent Thanksgiving weekend hanging out--miles and miles from any retail outlet. It was great--and quiet the way November is quiet. From November 23, 2012
I guess friends who were done for the season tossed up their cleats.  This pair survived our last bout with bad weather. From November 23, 2012
I really enjoy the sight of the trees that line the pond at the bottom of the road.  Their graceful and solid at the same time. From November 23, 2012Our World Tuesday

One Single Impression: Nest

From June 27, 2012 The butterfly rests On the branch of a bush That is home to countless birds. I don't know their names.  Sometimes I wish I did,  But usually I don't care, And neither do the birds. But that butterfly: It basked there, still and steady As the ocean roared its arrival To the beach, Which was not fazed by the news Though we were and that's why We were on our way there. But the butterfly. Salt air, a breeze, sunshine: These were enough. It would not name the birds In the shaded nest deep within the bush Or the flowers on which it fed. It didn't even know Where it was Or what.One Single Impression

Today's Flowers: Each Leaf, a Soul

After I left Adella at basketball practice yesterday morning, I took a little walk where some leaves have escaped the blowers and the rakes. From November 23, 2012 Each one told a story of life in the elements among birds and squirrels facing storms, dripping with the languid heat of summer, watching the aspens and birches let go of their color first, waiting, waiting, and then making peace with the earth. From November 23, 2012 Each leaf, a soul. From November 23, 2012
Today's Flowers

Skywatch Friday: Warm

From July 7, 2012 To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.  (Victor Hugo)

Skywatch Friday

Wordless Wednesday: Fallen


Header Challenge: Across the River

From September 30, 2012 This week's header challenge is "across the river." I haven't been out and about much lately, so I am asking Clyde to stand in for me. He made his way along the Pomperaug River in Woodbury until he got to this tree trunk. Then he decided he was at an impasse and did a song and dance until he realized he would have to go backwards if he wouldn't move forward. So he did. (Maybe Clyde is a Republican. I love him anyway.) Talk of rivers always brings me to this song by REM.

Our World Tuesday: A walk by the pond

I wasn't feeling too well this weekend, so we didn't wander far.  We did work in a few walks with Clyde, though.  He's our personal trainer.

Here's a little ol' parasite Della ripped off an unsuspecting tree....
From November 18, 2012 The beavers love it around here. Never underestimate the power of a few good teeth....
From November 18, 2012 The last bit of color on our walk:
From November 18, 2012 Clyde was all about whoever or whatever was in the woods, and he just wouldn't keep his eye on the camera. Oh, well. He has a nice profile.
From November 18, 2012 Wishing you a great week.

Our World Tuesday

One Single Impression: Marriage

Soft light long shadow
Squirrel, pumpkin, mum, fallen leaves:
A quiet marriageOne Single Impression

Today's Flowers: Back Atcha, Sunshine

From June 24, 2012 This is one of the roses in my parents' garden from the late summer. It's funny how the idea of summer seems lifetimes ago when we get to this point in November. At the same time, November seems to have flown by. Life is full and good and wildly beautiful. Somehow. Today's Flowers

Skywatch Friday: Liquid Bronze

From July 31, 2012 One of the fringe benefits of teaching is that when you're doing it, it's all you do. There's not time for memories or regrets or dreams or going to the bathroom when you really need to.  Just now my students are making a case for reading The Other Wes Moore in class. They are writing arguments from the heart for reading a book that come from the heart of its author.  Finally, the rubber meets the road.  They can write when they believe in the reason they're doing it.  
Skywatch Friday

Header Challege: Orange

From November 4, 2012 Back in with the Header Challenge folks, I've taken up this week's theme of orange. This is one of my favorite colors for it's vibrance and warmth.  These leaves and the ones in my banner capture Japanese maple leaves that have taken their sweet time about falling. When you look this good, you can take your time! (Check out Stewart's blog for all the head bangers' blogs.)

Wordless Wednesday: Hanging in...


Our World Tuesday: Around Connecticut on a Saturday

Adella's audition for regionals Saturday took place at Avon High School, which has a gorgeous building with skylights and student art work everywhere. From November 10, 2012From November 10, 2012 One of Dell's friends came along for moral support. After an intense couple of hours traveling, waiting, and listening, we made our way to the mall to blow off some steam. There were very few parking spaces available, but we managed to find one. Inside, the place was done up for Christmas with an Ice Age display for photograhs. From November 10, 2012 This display was over the top, but the rest of the decorations were minimal and nice.
From November 10, 2012 This big ol' sculpture hasn't moved an inch since our last visit, and I still like it. So long as the glue holds, it's cool with me. From November 10, 2012Our World Tuesday

One Single Impression: Struggle

What is not easy
Comes with pain.

I am a cynic
In my forty-sixth year.

I measure potential loss and gain
Before I move.
I want something
For me.
I'm done with noble sacrifice.
Done with the ceremony of

What must I give up
Before I
Take this chance?

What sacrifice
Might keep me
In the noble game?

I give a little,
And I wait.

Hating the loneliness,
I am in.

In my forty-sixth year
I have not learned
Nothing is better
Than something.

One Single Impression

On Veteran's Day

From September 23, 2012 "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them."  -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Today's Flowers: When the Heart is Open

From September 23, 2012 When the heart is open the lotus blossoms where there appeared to be no lotus.
Today's Flowers

The Thing is to Try

Adella is out for regionals tomorrow. She and her clarinet have been glued to each other for the past month. After each practice session, there was a clarinet-shaped spit mark on the thigh of her jeans and a sore spot on her thumb that said, "Hard work!"
From November 9, 2012 The music was all over the floor as she made her way through the etudes and a few other odds and ends.
From November 9, 2012 Clyde was a faithful friend, though I do think sometimes the music is hard on his puppy ears. Sometimes he left the practice session to see if anybody was having a snack upstairs and to check on his toy basket, but he always made his way back to his girl and did what he could, which was to be there.
From November 9, 2012 He kept a watchful eye over the all-powerful cell phone,
From November 9, 2012 but he couldn't answer it, so Della did. Everyone needs a break.
From November 9, 2012 Della's got a friend coming with us for moral support tomorrow. It's cool. She …

Skywatch Friday: It's Black and White....

Unobstructed sunrises put everything in perspective.  Things become simple, small, clear.  The bigness is the out there and all that is so far away yet seemingly within reach.  Sunrises are waking dreams.  They are so unlike the ones I see from behind trees on a hilltop in the woods.  In the woods, sunrises are secretive things that need to be sought out and claimed.  In open spaces, the sun does the claiming.  There's nothing like a waking dream.
Skywatch Friday

Wordless Wednesday: Need Some Goodness


Our World Tuesday: After the Storm

After a week of strange weather, interruptions to our routines, and working toward normal again, we got to set the clocks back on saturday night. When I woke up on Sunday morning, the sun was not long behind me, and it shone through the back window with all the intensity of midwinter. I could see the shadow of the screen imprinted on the curling ribbon of Adella's week-old birthday balloons.
From November 4, 2012 Later, we went to my parents' home to do some raking to be ready for the next storm, a Nor'easter due in Wednesday. Mom and dad live in Newtown, which can't seem get out of its own way when the bad weather comes. My parents have been without electricity for a week. Gentlemen from Alabama and Georgia and North Carolina have been up and down their streets doing with Connecticut cannot do for itself. We are grateful for their help. They didn't have to come, but they did. Here are some gentlemen from North Carolina reconnoitering over a map and a box o…

Today's Flowers: Mums the Day of the Storm

From October 31, 2012 The day of the storm, Harvey came to mind--the bit about choosing kindness over smart because it's better.  I love Harvey because, the way I read it, it's about loving life in whatever shape or form it presents itself.
Harvey and I sit in the bars... have a drink or two... play the juke box. And soon the faces of all the other people they turn toward mine and they smile. And they're saying, "We don't know your name, mister, but you're a very nice fella." Harvey and I warm ourselves in all these golden moments. We've entered as strangers - soon we have friends. And they come over... and they sit with us... and they drink with us... and they talk to us. They tell about the big terrible things they've done and the big wonderful things they'll do. Their hopes, and their regrets, and their loves, and their hates. All very large, because nobody ever brings anything small into a bar. And then I introduce them to Harvey... and he&…

Skywatch Friday: On a Wing and....Another Wing

Here's a Topsail shot I came across the other night.  I am not sure if I ever used it before, but I liked it very much.  I remember the day and the weather--all that maybe in the sky.  Seems to be the word of the hour.

Skywatch Friday